Any guys here cut their own hair?

Nah, I go to a barber shop to get my hair trimmed or cut.
I don't cut my own hair. IT would probably more convenient for me to learn but IM too lazy to mess up and try to fix my hair over and over. Plus my hands aren't very steady.

Going to a barber, you just have to know what you want. It took me a while, but now I can pretty much go to any barber and get the right thing. 1.5, against the grain, no sideburns, square the back, and use a straight razor on the shape up.

However you can still go to a barber, know what you want and they'll still mess it up.
I did recently go to a barber who gave me a temper fade for no reason. He did it on one side and then asked me if it was ok. Like I was going to walk around with a fade on one side of my head. F***ing idiot.
He did trim my facial hair perfectly though.

I am currently debating getting a new barber and it's a little nerve wracking, but it seems like all the barber's in my area are $18-$22 which I feel is way to expensive for a simple cut.

Damn dude, you gotta learn. Your haircut is relatively easy to do.
Im picky enough about my hair without me butchering it. I dont go to barbers either. For a while I was fine with the simple cuts the barbers give, but my hair has a mind of its own, its thick and its coarse and barbers never seemed to know what to do with it. So for most of my life Ive gotten it cut every few months at a salon. Besides Id rather let some pretty girl cut my hair and massage my scalp and wash my hair than have it done by some guy.
Having a pretty girl/girlfriend/wife shampoo your hair is one of the best feelings in the world.

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