The Dark Knight Audio Feed #2!


May 16, 2007
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Strange, I haven't seen a thread about this anywhere or heard anyone mention it at all! I knew there was going to be a second satellite feed:wow: ! This one was posted on the 4th and it's a conversation between Barhyte and McCree. Just go back to the site, log in as Barhyte again, and click on the link below the first feed. Here's the transcription:

[Barhyte] Let's see here...your record has a note that you were hit pretty hard with the fear toxin. Says you've got signs of anxiety disorder: nightmares, flashes of rage...

[McCree] Yeah, yeah. I can handle it.

[Barhyte] Well, we can talk about that with the DA.

[McCree] Don't pretend you're making me any deals. You don't care about me.

[Barhyte] Hey, I've got a dead cop. You think I don't care?

[McCree] You guys in Internal Affairs, you know what you are? You're the guys in grade school who got to be hall monitors. You'd rather side with the teacher and the principal than with your own.

[Barhyte] Hey, somebody's got to watch.

[McCree] And someone's got to pick up the garbage too. Oh...shouldn't have said that.

[Barhyte] It's okay.

[McCree] No. Cause garbageman is honest work. [pause] I...I got a kid. He's only a couple years younger than Gina Tortericci. I've got her picture cut out of the newspaper and clipped to the visor of my squad car. Can't sleep. Get home at night, I turn on the TV and drink until I can sleep. Except, even then I can't. We..we all come into this job wantin' to do good. We all become cops, wantin' to make things better.

[Barhyte] So what happens?

[McCree] It's the job. It's the damn job. If we all come in wantin' to do right, how else do you explain it? I miss my kid's basketball game, because I'm on duty. I miss Thanksgiving dinner because I'm on duty. My kid gets a chance to go to basketball camp but...but there ain't no way we can afford it. I'm missing Thanksgiving dinner to haul junkies to the ER, but when my wife tells me that my kid has been offered a trip to basketball camp over spring break, I gotta say no. The junkie doesn't think I'm a hero, and my wife and my kid hate that I'm never home. And then, a little cash falls in my lap. And I can come home and say, "Here, send him to camp." I didn't wanna go to the House of Pies. You know how I felt? Blood money for that girl Gina. But I'd already said, "Yes," too many times. So I did. Cause that's what Gotham is like these days. It's a dark time. And no matter what you do, somebody's getting hurt. Now Karl's dead. Everybody's gonna talk about what a crooked cop Karl was. No one's gonna talk about the kids he coached. Now...I'm gonna go to prison. And I'm pretty sure my kid's going to end up missing basketball camp. All right, you got your confession. Get me a pad and a pen so I can write it out and then send in Dent. He's waitin', right? All of us cops. We know he's watchin'.

[door opens and footsteps fade] :brucebat:
I'm sure it's buried in another thread somewhere and is a little old, but thanks for the detailed transcript!
heard it already but thanks!..anybody know where i could download this?
from the gpiad site thought I can't remember the url now
I never heard this one.
the first audio was the one that ended in a shoot out right...
Ferchrissake, I thought this was audio to the prologue...
What's the site link so I can hear this?
What do you have to search it under? I mean what is the file name?
yea what file?


was the first audio the one that ended in a shootout?
Never mind I found the file.
No, turtle, log into the gpdiad site. The 1st feed's going to pop up. Click on the link under Associated Files. There's the 2nd feed.
thanks drakefinx, i didn't know there was a second one. It kind of makes you feel sad for McCree though. i know he was wrong and everything, but now i see him in more of a tragic light then anything else.
thanks drakefinx, i didn't know there was a second one. It kind of makes you feel sad for McCree though. i know he was wrong and everything, but now i see him in more of a tragic light then anything else.
I think the whole idea is to show that there really aren't good guys and bad guys. Just guys who do the right things and guys who do the wrong things for the right reasons.

Oh, and psycho's like the Joker... those kind of guys too!
What horrible, horrible dialogue. You think the actor wrung his hands as he read it?
what's the password?

Whoa. I don't remember hearing anything about this!

What's the name of the file I need to search for?

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