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The Dark Knight Humor in TDK


Nov 6, 2005
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We got a fair share of wisecracks and one-liners in Begins. Enough to show that Nolan's Batman isn't all serious. There are some almost cheesy lines in the trailer and the prologue as well.... and not just from the Joker.

So what kind of humor would you like to see in TDK? Any more one-liners? How much camp (if any)?
i don't think it'll be much different to BB to be honest, probably a little more refined due to Johnathan being involved...
I hope we get some humor in TDK!

Like "Didn't you get the memo?" and such things in BB
I hope "Then you're gonna love me" is as far as they push it.

And you're right about Jonathan. That's what's hyped me up for this movie the most. The writer!
I hope we get some humor in TDK!

Like "Didn't you get the memo?" and such things in BB

I loved that. Came out great. But that's where Morgan Freeman's for. :woot:
I hope we get some humor in TDK!

Like "Didn't you get the memo?" and such things in BB

I can imagine the Lucius Fox-Wayne interaction (from the trailer) having similar lines.

"That's more like it, Mr. Wayne!"
Hopefully fewer cheap one-liners and repeating someone elses lines, more physical comedy and exchanges that don't ruin the moment. I want more humor in TDK, just smarter humor
I'd like Joker to tell the baby joke from Arkham Asylum; with joke comes death.:cwink: :woot:
Begins had just the right amount of humor. I hope TDK is pretty much the same when it comes to the number of funny bits.

One or two funny moments between Bruce and Alfred. Some sick jokes by the Joker. Maybe one or two amusing comments by Gordon/Fox/Dent. That should pretty much be it. I don't want any laugh-out-loud moments in TDK and I'm pretty sure there won't be any.
Enough to show that Nolan's Batman isn't all serious.

Ur, I love BB, but humor seems to be a very weak point for Nolan. His movies are the very definition of serious, especially BB. Memento, Insomnia, and The Prestige are all very serious movies, with very few actual moments of comedy. Not really a bad thing, just Nolan's "way".
I just want some dark, dark Joker humor, from the supposed context of the "Why So Serious?" line, I don't have to worry. :)
The ONLY problem I had with Begins was those stupid one liners by the cops during the chase and the "nice ride/harassment" lines. I assume that those are Goyer dialogue though, and will not be prevalent in this one.
Enough to show that Nolan's Batman isn't all serious.

I think it would work better if Batman and everyone in his presence is entirely serious (except Joker), with the comedy coming from other parts of the film. Stuff like "nice coat" and "Excuse me" and "I've gotta get me one of those" just deflates tense moments and makes Batman look a bit silly. Go wild with the Joker, Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent, anyone else though
It looks like there will be the twisted Joker humor and the typical corny one-liners from everyone else
At least if they have no comic relief like in stupid f'n Transformers, it's okay.
Sure begins had the "Nice coat" and "Nice ride" were a bit corny, but still it was no Jar Jar Binks in there!

And of course, the Joker dark sadistic humor seems cut to the edge so far! Which is excellent, and the way Ledger delivers his lines (most memorably "why so serious" and "like me") makes it more enjoyable
Has anyone ever seen League Of Gentleman (Tv Series), I'd like that dark humour please.
I hope theres only as much as there was in BB
It's actually amazing how Joker's one-liners so far (viral marketing, trailer, prologue) have already become famous!

They're so quotable! And intelligent!

Methinks Jonah Nolan writes 'em better than David Goyer.
"School's out"

I thought that was kinda badass of a goon to say...
I hope we don't here nice ride or anything like that...
Oh I had forgotten about that line. Bah. I usually forget that it's there and then I remember and then I go -facepalm- "Nice coat" wasn't nearly as bad, at least it had context.

I liked the humor in the prologue where the Joker makes it obvious he's one step ahead of the goon with the gun...and the goon is still clueless right up until the moment the bus crashes into the bank and runs him down. :up:
It needs a bit of humour, like the 'does it come in black?' and the 'didn't you get the memo?' bits. They were good and lightened the modd a little.

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