Avengers Alliance - Part 4

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I have 2383 and that's after buying Star-Lord's Tactician alt and Spider-Man's Bruiser alt about 5 days ago. I haven't farmed for CP in forever. About the only things I farm are weapons/gear, EIso, and AIso.
The game is mysteriously down. It's like the servers aren't even there.
huh, still down. No loading of anything not even a message it's being fixed or what
Someone better not have hacked it, and then everyone has to start again all over and we're told we can't even get the heroes, weapons, alts etc back, and we've lost all our CPs and gold.
don't think it's a hack, hope not
From the Playdom forums:

SW:C (another big game from Disney here) went down at the same time ours did. They have limited access back but it's been up and down for them and full data isn't populating (for example a player might be able to access PvP but can't find an opponent). Whatever this issue is it hit both of our games but I'm hopeful since theirs is moving forward that ours will soon too. (in case anyone is wondering, it's just now almost 4am at the offices though so not all crews have probably made it in to work on the issue yet)
did load up for a few minutes and collected my daily spin but then this happens:

Heads up Agent! S.H.I.E.L.D. is running critical diagnostics on all Helicarrier sub-systems. Check back soon and we will get you back in the fight.
I still don't get anything at all.
I'll try later, just getting that running critical diagnostics message now

Bummer, I always try to play the pvp in the morning because usually I can win my 5 fights before later it gets harder
Was able to get in, but have lost all my allies. It keeps auto refreshing as well. I was able to send some heroes on a flight deck mission, play a couple of PVP matches but it's all very temperamental. I hope my allies aren't gone.
seems to be working now but lost several lock boxes due to the stupid game update :mad:
It's back up for me. Also I finally picked up Fixer.
Well the game is working for me, but I've lost all my allies. It just says "invite"/ "add ally", which I've done so several times already.
Finally got Fixer...and I experienced the same issues yesterday...games fine right now.
I'm surprised Fixer wasn't a generalist. He practically seems like one. He's almost like a mini Punisher.

Still no allies. :( I hope I get them back.
My allies were going in and out yesterday. So far today...they've been there.
The new feature is "Daily Missions". Right now you can do them to receive lockboxes to recruit Hybrid. It's locked at the moment though.

Edit- Wow I didn't even notice at first but Molly Hayes is here as a general release.
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Who is Hybrid? Sounds like one of these group bosses we've fought before but I don't remember.
No idea who Molly Hayes is, but recruited :D
No idea who Molly Hayes is, but recruited :D


She one-shotted the Punisher.

I have no idea who Molly Hayes is and hope I won't have to recruit her for the next SO because I'd rather have someone more known, but we probably will have to get her. Why pick someone so obscure instead of a better known character?
You say that every time a lesser known character comes out. :funny:

It's been pretty clear for a while now that they're using characters from all areas of the Marvel Universe and not simply going on familiarity. Which I'm personally glad about. It's fresh instead of just the usual cast we get in games.
Seems like they're trying to make us recruit the Runaways, from Molly Hayes (who will probably be required for the next SO) and Nico Minora from the last SO. So the other two characters required for the Epic Boss run will probably be a 200 CP character and a 135 CP character or a 200 CP and a 90 CP character. Was hoping to get a more interesting 90 CP hero.

Was Hybrid in the Anti-Venom SO? Or was he from the Guardians SO? He looks very familiar.

Are these daily missions only available around Christmas time?

Also noticed that the SHIELD helicarrier has Christmas lights on it and there's snow falling.
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Yeah they do that to the helicarrier every Christmas. Hybrid is going to be like Doom was. You can collect lockboxes every day but you have to wait until Christmas to open them. And Hybrid was from the Anti-Venom SO.
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