Avengers Alliance - Part 9

Yeah, I've played some Marvel Heroes and I like it, but I want to get back to console gaming since I have money sunk into it.

Don't worry I understand too bad it's with activison. who keep sadly screwing both marvel and gamers where marvel games are invovled.

but I do get the need especially where marvel games are invovled with consoles.

Having Puzzle Quest as a time killer at work, and Ultimate Alliance on console seems like a good combination, and the MUA1 remaster has the XBox 360 exclusive characters, so I'm interested in using them.

how is the puzzle quest BTW?

I had to use the nullifier on round three because of that shield.

I just threw Christmas presents and Easter Eggs at him.

the way I beat odin was with the jade colored space time shard's. as soon I I noticed his shield was more annoying then it should be.

some how I took the number one spot in my only fight against him out of all my buddies .

Ok so, I'm gonna see if king fisher put up the last of his video's and what he'll be moving on to marvel game wise from there.

umm be side the agent's shield thing where our heroes that we play as cane be come super powered agents and run around with the team up versions of quake and Robbie Reyes ghost rider, there are some costume on the way for Luke cage due to his show making it's debut and a team up versions of Jessica Jone's I'll be putting some of the pic's up in the MH thread. and I'll see what happens with the contest of champion's and marvel future fight thread's .

other then that I'll see the rest of you all on the thread's hopefully . again it's was a pleasure being an agent and serving with you all. I guess I'll be moving to my next assignments. the rest you enjoy your vacation time or should I say other assignment's your on or planning to do.

Hopefullyyou all completed or tried to complete most of the task's you had or came close.

I did what I could and got all the heroes I wanted before it ended. I'll miss this game and most the people I played on my buddies list and the member's of the hype that made this thread I created the most active one I have ever made here on the hype. Again thank you all.
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Ok here are the last of the video's before he himself moves on to the other none disney & facebook, but Marvel related games.

he named the first duck dynasty (not based the show according he
's never seen it ) the other is the sendoff/ farewell


Marvel Avengers Alliance: Team Spotlight Episode 7 - Duck Dynasty!
2,464 views 2 days ago

Published on 27 Sep 2016
Team Spotlight episode 7 features the team - Duck Dynasty. The team consists of Howard the Duck and the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (Howard the Duck Cosplay Alternate Costume)!

Lastly Below


Marvel Avengers Alliance: 'All Hail The King' Farewell Episode
3,760 views 1 day ago

Published on 28 Sep 2016
This video is just a little farewell tribute to the MAA All Hail the King Series. AHTK may return some day for a new series or game, but with Marvel Avengers Alliance coming to a close, this will be the final episode for now.

source:The Kingfisher 745
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Whelp, that's it for me. 5-starred the SO. 5-starred 1.12.2. Mastered Season 2 up through Chapter 6. Used up all my gold and CP to get a couple more heroes (Iceman, Nico, Starlord, Colleen Wing). Screencapped my whole roster for posterity. Even played one more Epic Boss round in Season 2. Gonna miss this game, but it'll be interesting to see how my daily routine changes since I don't plan to replace it with another game.
For the first time in a while, I'm not currently playing any games, either online or console. There just aren't any games that I feel I should be playing.
And so passes Avengers Alliance... I remember when I first started it was because I saw a headline on Superherohype about Scarlet Witch being added to the roster, logged in and got the bonus gold and got her and Sif. That was back in 2012... so many memories...

Remember getting Valkyrie in the winter spec ops. First spec ops character I was able to win. From then on won every one after. Never won PvP, highest I got was Vibranium once.

Here's to you Avengers Alliance, you were taken too soon by men without thought or vision...
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I fell asleep playing the game last night. When I woke up, it did the force refresh and that was all she wrote.

I probably put more time into this game than any other I've ever played. I think I started playing pretty much when the game started, but then took a long break from the game. When I came back it was right around the time of the 2nd anniversary. The Apocalypse SO was over, and the Captain America: Winter Soldier SO hadn't started yet. Pretty much played every day for the last 2 and a half years.

Thanks for the memories.
Every 20 minutes I get the urge to cycle my flight deck.
so for all those looking for a replace ment this game which I'm putting link to is coming next year and the beta for it has start in some countries/ region's it's called

Marvel Strike force: mobile RPG game << on the hype

^^ Details and game play video's of people that have recieved the beta already devote to the game. and there's alot in common with Avengers alliance . Hell it's basically avenger's allince 3 . which is an improvemnt MMA 2.

it's weird but the name right now makes a little more sense since we'll playing the wider MU and not just Avengers,
This thread was a blast from the past. I'll have a look at the game at some point.

Get Your Avengers Alliance Fix with Marvel Strike Force

Posted Dec 07, 2017 General | Columns | 7 Comments

I honestly never expected to see another Marvel game in that style again, especially not so soon, but a new title called Marvel Strike Force was recently announced. Currently only available in soft-launch in New Zealand and Canada, Marvel Strike Force is more of a clone of the incredibly popular Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes than it is Avengers Alliance, but the experience is close enough.
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source: MMORPG.com

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