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Batman Mask of the Phantasm.

Mask of the Phantasm was cool. Especially on the big screen.
I remember watching it as a little kid and thinking it was like the darkest thing I had ever seen. Now when I found it and watched it the other day, It still had me entertained. Especialy the opening and the "Birth of Batman" sequence.

when i was a kid i rented it on vhs i rented in alot and now i can't find the movie anywhere , i hope it gets here sometime in the netherlands
I really enjoyed it but it is pretty short but ya does anyone have "Birth of Batman" mp3?? if ya do please PM me!
Gamma Warrior said:
Who here loves this movie?

I do.

One of three best Batman movies ever made and possibly THE best. The others? ROTJ and BB.
I liked it. Sure, I felt it was a bit corny at times, but it was a kids movie. I'd put it behind BB and ROTJ for sure, and probably even with B'89
Gamma Warrior said:
The themes in that novie were far from kid friendly.

Exactly. I'm not sure what Katsuro is talking about. :confused:

It's vintage and has elements of 40's film noir, which tend to have parts that are a little cliche, but MOTP polishes them into something charming instead of cliche.
Best comic book-based movie I've seen.
El Payaso said:
You should see more movies.
I've seen a lot of the ones based on comic books: The X-Men series, the Spiderman films, the Superman, Fantastic Four, Sin City, all of the Batman movies, V for Vendetta... wasn't History of Violence based on a comic book as well? So which ones should be considered better than Batman: Mask of the Phantasm?
Edit: Oh, and I saw The Punisher and Howard the Duck too... also, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD. None of those are on par with Mask of the Phantasm.
Did you guys know that Andrea Beumont appead again in last season's ending Episode of JLU. Not as Phantasam but still......She also appears in one of the pictures Bruce's looking through on his computer.This happens in The BB episode, "Blast From the past."

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