BBC's Sherlock: Series 3


Sep 24, 2005
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Surprised we don't have a thread for this one yet (there's one for the first series and for the second).


Filming is underway on series 3


Also, Series 4 is confirmed:
Looking forward to it. Apparently the first ep will be based on the "Adventure of the Empty House." Episodes 2 and 3 are somehow related to "wedding" and "bow" respectively, according to Moffat.
I need this show back in my life.
Boom, your avatar pretty much describes my attitude to this.
Martin and Benedict's video for ComicCon (since they couldn't be there)... and my gosh could I love Benedict any more than I already do? *LOL*
Oh man, that video was hilarious!
Oh man, that video was hilarious!
I know... I've watched it at least a half dozen times already. I'm getting really weird looks from my coworkers, especially when Benedict starts spoiling how Sherlock survived :lmao:
The show has six episodes and hasnt aired for over a year so how the freakin hell is it my favourite TV show of all time? :D I've literally watch all the episodes as many times as I can remember. I can not wait.
Andrew Scott's Moriarty left Sherlock Holmes' next adversary some sizeable shoes to fill (figuratively speaking). Evil shoes.

Stepping into that morally lacking footwear is Charles Augustus Magnussen, played by Lars Mikkelsen. You can see the first picture of him here:


From Den of Geek. It's the brother of Mads Mikkelsen :awesome:
This guy looks very calm and stuff. I love villains like this.
Agreed. I know it's wishful thinking, but I hope this presents an opportunity for Mads Mikkelsen to appear on the show.

Sherlock/Hannibal crossover anyone? :o
That'd be awesome :awesome: He's the guy from that James Bond film, right?
Casino Royale, yes. He came close to signing on for Malekith in Thor: The Dark World too
I am still holding out on the desperate hope that he will be Baron Von Strucker in the future. He would be to the role what Ledger was to the Joker, or Downey Jr. to Stark/Iron Man.

Having said that, a Hannibal crossover would be mind-blowingly awesome, even though I am struggling to work out the legal logistics.

Returning to the main thread, S3 cannot come soon enough.
Casino Royale, yes. He came close to signing on for Malekith in Thor: The Dark World too

It would of been a reunion with his fellow King Arthur cast mates Ray Stevenson and Stellan Skarsgard.
For any UK people here, The Reichenbach Fall is repeated on BBC ONE tonight and the BBC has said there will be a surprise at the end of the episode. Possibly an added on end credit clip? Or most likely a trailer for series 3 TONIGHT!

I'm so ready for this. I hope Moriaty comes back somehow

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