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Best and Worst of Marvel 2007


TMNT 1984-2009
Oct 11, 2001
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C'mon, just as the ball is dropping in Time's Square, it is time to reflect on what was great about Marvel 2007 and what stank up the joint.

I am still choosing my picks, but you can decide:

Best Marvel Hero of 2007?
Worst Marvel Hero of 2007?

Best Marvel Heroine of 2007?
Worst Marvel Heroine of 2007?

Best Marvel Event of 2007?
Worst Marvel Event of 2007?

Best Team Book of 2007?
Worst Team Book of 2007?

Best Relaunch of 2007?
Worst Relaunch of 2007?

Best Fight of 2007?
Worst Fight of 2007?

Best Moment of 2007?
Worst Moment of 2007?

Best Mini of 2007?
Worst Mini of 2007?

Best Ongoing of 2007?
Worst Ongoing of 2007?

Best Writer & Artist of 2007?
Worst Writer & Artist of 2007?

Best Marvel Villain of 2007?
Worst Marvel Villain of 2007?

Best New Marvel character of 2007?
Worst New Marvel character of 2007?

Feel free to be creative and honest, if you feel like making up a few catagories, go ahead.
Best Marvel Hero of 2007? Nova
Worst Marvel Hero of 2007?

Best Marvel Heroine of 2007?
Sharon Carter
Worst Marvel Heroine of 2007?

Best Marvel Event of 2007?
Annihilation: Conquest
Worst Marvel Event of 2007? One More Day :cmad:

Best Team Book of 2007?
The Order
Worst Team Book of 2007?
New Avengers

Best Relaunch of 2007?
The New Warriors
Worst Relaunch of 2007?

Best Fight of 2007?
Hulk vs. Sentry
Worst Fight of 2007?
Black Panther vs. Silver Surfer

Best Moment of 2007?
The Death of Captain America
Worst Moment of 2007?
The Death of Captain America

Best Mini of 2007?
Annihilation: Conquest: Star-Lord
Worst Mini of 2007?

Best Ongoing of 2007?
Captain America
Worst Ongoing of 2007?
Black Panther

Best Writer & Artist of 2007?
Ed Brubaker & David Aja
Worst Writer & Artist of 2007? Reginald Hudlin & Howard Chaykin

Best Marvel Villain of 2007?
Red Skrull
Worst Marvel Villain of 2007? Ultron (Bendized)

Best New Marvel character of 2007?
Cloud 9
Worst New Marvel character of 2007?

Best New Ongoing:
Avengers: The Initiative
Worst New Ongoing:
Mighty Avengers
Best Marvel Hero of 2007? Nova
Worst Marvel Hero of 2007? Iron Man

Best Marvel Heroine of 2007? She Hulk
Worst Marvel Heroine of 2007? Ms. Marvel

Best Marvel Event of 2007? Massiah Complex
Worst Marvel Event of 2007? One More day

Best Team Book of 2007? X-Men
Worst Team Book of 2007? Heroes for Hire

Best Relaunch of 2007? New Warriors
Worst Relaunch of 2007? Heroes for Hire

Best Fight of 2007? Nova vs Thunderbolts
Worst Fight of 2007? Hulk vs Sentry

Best Moment of 2007? Cyclops return as one of Marvel's best leaders.
Worst Moment of 2007? Spider-man giving up his life/morals/principles to undo years of history.:whatever:

Best Mini of 2007? Annihilation Conquest: Starlord
Worst Mini of 2007? Penance: Adventures in S&M:whatever:

Best Ongoing of 2007? Nova
Worst Ongoing of 2007? Heroes for Hire(Now with tentacle rape!):whatever:

Best Writer & Artist of 2007? Ed Brubaker & Billy Tan
Worst Writer & Artist of 2007? Reginald Hudlin & Howard Chaykin

Best Marvel Villain of 2007? Ultron (Annihilation version; not PMS version)
Worst Marvel Villain of 2007? Ultron (PMS version; not Annihilation version)

Best New Marvel character of 2007? Predator X
Worst New Marvel character of 2007? The Other (FNSM Ms. Arrow)

Best Reinvention of a Hero? Cyclops
Worst Reinvention of a Hero? Spider-Man
Best Marvel Hero of 2007? captain america
Worst Marvel Hero of 2007? ironman

Best Marvel Heroine of 2007? ms marvel
Worst Marvel Heroine of 2007? spider-woman (Blah)

Best Marvel Event of 2007? world war hulk
Worst Marvel Event of 2007? one more day

Best Team Book of 2007? the order
Worst Team Book of 2007? heroes for hire

Best Relaunch of 2007? the new warriors
Worst Relaunch of 2007? heroes for hire

Best Fight of 2007? hulk vs sentry
Worst Fight of 2007?

Best Moment of 2007? hulk vs sentry
Worst Moment of 2007? birth of ms. ultron

Best Ongoing of 2007? captain america
Worst Ongoing of 2007? might avengers

Best Writer & Artist of 2007? ed brubaker and steve epting
Worst Writer & Artist of 2007? bendis & frank cho

Best Marvel Villain of 2007? red skrull
Worst Marvel Villain of 2007? ms. ultron

Best New Ongoing: nova
Worst New Ongoing:

Best Reinvention of a Hero? nova
Worst Reinvention of a Hero? ironman
Best Marvel Hero of 2007 - Iron Man

Best Marvel Heroine - Black Widow

Best Marvel Event of 2007 - World War Hulk

Best Team Book of 2007 - Thunderbolts/Order

Best Relaunch of 2007 - Thor

Best Fight of 2007 - Hulk VS everyone

Best Moment of 2007 - Bucky taking Tony's advice to become the new Cap

Best Ongoing of 2007 - Captain America

Best Writer & Artist of 2007 - Ed Brubaker,Steve Epting/Butch Guice

Best Colorist of 2007 - Frank D'Armata/Dean White

Best Marvel Villain of 2007 - Red Skull

Worst moment of 2007 = Peter Parker makes a deal with the Devil. Jeeez. :whatever:
I trust Dread implicitly to make the calls regarding best & worst of 2007.
I trust Dread implicitly to make the calls regarding best & worst of 2007.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I haven't even typed my draft for this topic yet and I still have some decidin' to do.

I'll post at both topics, the older one second so it is bounced on top, if the mods want to merge.
Oh, forgive me. If you wish, you may merge this topic. I hadn't seen it. I looked past the first 2 pages and then got lazy. I'll post in the older topic.

I tried to keep my topic more Marvel oriented, while that topic is more varied. But, whichever the mods would prefer.

I missed that earlier as well,Marvel only.
Best Marvel Hero of 2007?

There have been a slew of memorable Marvel heroes, new and old, this year. Iron Fist, Orson Randall, Capt. America, Bucky, The Order, and so on. But for now, and this was before I saw some of the above posts, I will pick Richard Rider/Nova. Jan. 31st, 2007 kicked off with the end of ANNIHILATION, and Nova tearing Annihilus inside-out to save the universe (and avenge the Nova Corps, and Quasar). Then his NOVA ongoing relaunched after some 30 years, and he, as BrianWilly once said, was "the most sympathetic hero in the Marvel Universe" at the time, with CW just wrapping, trying to be a one-man Corps to save the universe one planet at a time, feeling guilt for every loss. Then he got to stand up to Iron Man (albeit not with fists), take the Thunderbolts' best shots, and critique the post-CW Earth as "nuts". Then he also became the first being to be able to reject the Phalanx virus during ANNIHILATION CONQUEST, albeit with some help from Ko-Rel. Now the sky's the limit for him. He's gone from C-List New Warrior founder to a potential A-List character who could freakin' LEAD the Avengers. Despite facing moments that seem far more epic and dangerous than CW ever was (the deaths of entire planets/galaxies), Nova maintains his dedication and moral core.

Worst Marvel Hero of 2007?

After OMD, I can understand some saying Spider-Man. Sentry's dithering during WWH was legendary. Mr. Fantastic has been twisted a lot. One could even say Hulk, considering he has gone from anti-hero to attempted world-conquorer. My vote, though, is for Iron Man. From picking fights with Atlantis for cover to bending the constitution backwards to using villains as shock troops, and the event that made the list, immediately exploiting the emotion and denail of Steve Roger's death to try to trick the New Avengers into capture. At least Ms. Marvel had some guilt about that; Stark had none. That's ****ing low. While Stark has tried to improve his image as the year wore on, he still is closer to being Dr. Doom than he ever has before.

I'm sure Ultimate Spider-Man was still a wussie, though.

Best Marvel Heroine of 2007?

Had a few notable ones; Phyla, Ms. Marvel, even Veda of The Order. But if my vote is going to be the one who managed to get the most emotional response from me, then it will be Ko-Rel, who lasted barely more than 2 issues in NOVA. She was a new character, but she had simple ideals and morals, and in the end went out fighting, using the last of her might to get Nova back on the side of angels, a considerable feat being that he had Gamora to neck with.

Worst Marvel Heroine of 2007?

Maria Hill is always worth a mention, hands down. MJ played the role of Eve in OMD, but I don't hold that against her character, but against Joe Q. My vote will be a surprising one: The Wasp. Why? During the "Acts of Vengeance" storyline, when a law essentially similar to the SHRA was being considered, Janet Van Dyne was one of the heroes who spoke out against it. Considering she used to lead the Avengers and the Avengers used to work alongside Gyrich and the feds, she should have been more of at least a neutral figure than she was (especially since she saw no end of federal abuse of powers, or attempts at making heroes that created menaces, and red tape risking lives, and so on). She should have understood the need for some independance, having seen what bearucracy can do to heroes. But during CW, she has been with the Registration song and verse. At least Ms. Marvel expresses guilt and conflicts of interest, Wasp never does. And she used to. She has little excuse for towing the line like she does. Considering she is one of Marvel's 40+ year old heroines, it is a shame to see her just go along with the narcs. She didn't used to. Now it seems she only has fire when she is arguing with Hank.

Best Marvel Event of 2007?

ANNIHILATION ended in 1/2007, but I guess it wouldn't be fair to say that. So, ANNIHILATION CONQUEST. Not quite as good as the original so far, but still blowing away the rest of the competition. I do have to say, though, WORLD WAR HULK was a better read than some recent past events, and worked on it's own terms. And provided a lot of action.

Worst Marvel Event of 2007?

It goes without saying that One More Day is not only the worst event of the year (it was billed as an event, it counts as one, even if it isn't quite selling like one), it could go down as the worst of the first 10 years of the new millenium, if the next 3 years don't produce worse whoppers. And I hope they don't, 'cause I can't take it.

Best Team Book of 2007?

Easy choice; the best team book people aren't reading, because it is also among the best new franchise launches of the year, and probably other years. Yes, THE ORDER. If you read it, you know what I am saying.

Worst Team Book of 2007?

Also easy: New Avengers. From character assassinations to characters being wasted, mishandled, given juvenile lines, powers being fudged, you name it, NA has ruined it. Before OMD, the book I dreaded the most every week.

Best Relaunch of 2007?

Actually a very hard choice, as Marvel has had a slew of good ones. NOVA, IMMORTAL IRON FIST (which technically launched it's first issue in 12/2006), and THOR. By a hair, IMMORTAL IRON FIST. Unless you are a sticklier for relaunches that didn't see a #1 issue until 2007, and by that case it still comes down to NOVA or THOR, both named after heroes with 4 letter names. The sales would support THOR, especially since he was always a Marvel A-Lister and part of the old Avengers Big Three, it is great seeing him sell in the Top 10 and the book being good, too. I won't choose. NOVA/THOR.

Worst Relaunch of 2007?

BLADE, being how poorly it tanked. It started last year, but wasn't given the axe until this one.

If you want to count ULTIMATES 3 as a relaunch of Ultimates and rather than another sequal series, then go ahead, because it is poo. HEROES FOR HIRE never went well.

Best Fight of 2007?

A few to choose from. CAPTAIN AMERICA had two good ones between Bucky and Crossbones, and the last issue between he and Stark was a doozy. The battle against Phil Urich in Darkhawk's original armor in THE LONERS #6 was a thrilla. Still, hardly anyone draws 'em like John Romita Jr., and the best brawl of the WWH series for me was the first, Hulk vs. Iron Man in WORLD WAR HULK #1. There was just more emotion between the two than against Sentry, who had nothing to do with the exile. Plus, by the last issue, the scale of the battles was expected from the last few issues; the Iron Man brawl in WWH #1 set that foundation.

Worst Fight of 2007?

The symbiote battle from NEW AVENGERS; Yu just made a sequence where every heroine gets nekkid look absolutely disgusting. Plus, symbiotes are even more played out than ninjas to me. It just screams "random" to me.

Best Moment of 2007?

Almost too many to mention; Rand standing up to Davos after Randall dies in IIF #6, Thor's return or standing up against Destroyer in his last issue, Nova gutting Annihilus in ANNIHILATION #6, Cyclops blasting Kruun in AXM #23, a slew of funny moments in IRREDEEMABLE ANT-MAN, or intense ones from CAPTAIN AMERICA even the touching scene between Hardball & Komodo in A:TI #8. I could probably find enough good Marvel moments for a Top 10 list, much less picking one.

I think I will pick "This is for the Nova Corps!" from ANNIHILATION #6. No heroes die, and no heroes infight. Good vs. Evil, and good prevails no matter how dark the hour seems (Nova was being beaten down, and not even Phyla stealing the Quantum Bands was turning the tide for long).

Worst Moment of 2007?

Before OMD #4, it would have been Speedball becoming Penance, a complete waste and actually making a C-Lister WORSE than he used to be, which is a considerable feat for Marvel. But 2007 proved that ruining Spider-Man in a backwards attempt to "fix" him, and totally missing what is broke, is still Marvel's favorite pasttime, even after the Bill Jemas era. So, Spidey & MJ fulfill Joe Q's wish with Mephisto, in OMD #4. It wasn't a story, but an agenda.

Best Mini of 2007?

I won't count core event mini's, although tie-in's are alright. STARLORD is worth a mention. I really enjoyed OMEGA FLIGHT and THE LONERS. If DR. STRANGE: THE OATH didn't have more than half it's issues in 2006, I may have counted it (issues #4 and #5 shipped in 2007). CAPTAIN MARVEL is off to a good start, but with 3 out of 5 issues due in 2008, one could count it as a 2008 mini. So I will pick THE LONERS.

Worst Mini of 2007?

X-MEN: PHEONIX: WARSONG had their late finale in 2007, but it was too bad for even me to finish. I think I will choose FOOLKILLER, being that I was interested until the first issue proved too vile even for me to stand.

Best Ongoing of 2007?

So tough. Again, we have so many good ones: AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THOR, NEW WARRIORS, THE ORDER, IMMORTAL IRON FIST are all ones I look forward too every month from Marvel. I hate to choose.

If you consider the great progress of a former C-List sidekick to Luke Cage, IMMORTAL IRON FIST gets the nod. If you consider the best run out of the entire history of one of Marvel's oldest franchises, then CAPTAIN AMERICA gets that nod. Between the two, both written/co-written by Brubaker, I think I lean towards Cap more, by about .001%.

Worst Ongoing of 2007?

The one I dread every month, and the best selling of the biz, New Avengers. It is the Halle Berry of Marvel.

Best Writer & Artist of 2007?

So many great ones of both to choose. Writers: Brubaker, Fraction, Slott, Parker, Kirkman, Brian K. Vaughan, Oeming, Gage, even Whedon on his good days.

Artists: Epting, Romita Jr., DiVito, Caselli, Aja, Kollins, and probably too many I am forgetting.

I hate to be wishy washy, but aside for the recent OMD that made everyone bleak, Marvel was having a good year overall, spreading around some great talent.

Worst Writer & Artist of 2007?

Considering he was behind much of OMD, Joe Q could claim both. His art really isn't THAT bad, but it left me in a bad mood. Lenil Yu's become horribly overrated. And naturally, Bachelo & Ramos bring chills down my spine. But, OMD happened, so, Joe Quesada.

Naturally, Bendis is a catagory all his own in failed expectations.

Best Marvel Villain of 2007?

Hard to calculate, as Marvel seems to think heroes vs. heroes is the ticket. Annihilus had his go, Ultron is making a come-back in AC, The Hood is a rising star now (one of Bendis' few triumphs this year), even the Kingpin got into gear by arranging the hit that felled Aunt May.

But hands down, this goes to Red Skull. Having cheated his own death via the Cube and in a convient new identity as Lukin, the Skull finally orchastrated the murder of Steve Rogers. He helped push the CW along as Lukin, and he exploited Cap's capture by having him get gunned down, the fatal shots from his own sweet-heart, Agent 13. Steven KNEW that as he died. And Skull's main plot isn't even finished, or revealed. Killing Cap was merely a cog, an event of convienence. And that death effected an entire planet of heroes, seemingly. And the Skull himself has alluded capture, or even a punch from Winter Soldier thus far. A far better villain to kill an icon than Doomsday, handled in a much better way.

Worst Marvel Villain of 2007?

Part of me says Nekkid Fembot Ultrona from MIGHTY AVENGERS, but to be fair, Rhino. He is everyone's *****. You aren't anyone unless you beat Rhino. Gray Gargoyle is vying to compete, though. Even the Wrecking Crew had a better year.

Best New Marvel character of 2007?

Another tough call, as we have had many. Slott has created a slew of great characters in A:TI. Kirkman created Eric O'Grady with ANT-MAN.

But they relied on ties to the Marvel Universe in more ways than Fraction & Kitson's The Order. Picking one of the Order is a tough task; Henry, Milo, Veda, Aralune, very very tough. In one issue, THE ORDER can get you to understand these characters as a whole, and not merely their powers. I choose all of 'em. Cheating maybe, but it is my own list.

Worst New Marvel character of 2007?

The Gauntlet. He just gets on my nerves.
I still love Iron Man.Anyone who says they wouldn't want him around if they lived in the actual MU is insane.

His argument in CW made so much more sense,the man's made hard choices,has been tainted along the way,but sticks to his guns to do what's right.
I still love Iron Man.Anyone who says they wouldn't want him around if they lived in the actual MU is insane.

His argument in CW made so much more sense,the man's made hard choices,has been tainted along the way,but sticks to his guns to do what's right.

But he has done some dark, borderline nasty things to attain those choices. If that isn't wrong, than Magneto and Dr. Doom are heroes. All Magneto wants is respect and justice for mutants. Dr. Doom promises a world without as much crime, chaos, and strife for ages. Of course, neither did much in 2007. Dr. Doom is meddling with Thor, and Magneto is off in Limbo after being repowered during THE COLLECTIVE.

And one of the many reasons I dropped ATI.

He's been in the hospital since issue #6. Maybe you can try coming back. ;)
But he has done some dark, borderline nasty things to attain those choices. If that isn't wrong, than Magneto and Dr. Doom are heroes. All Magneto wants is respect and justice for mutants. Dr. Doom promises a world without as much crime, chaos, and strife for ages. Of course, neither did much in 2007. Dr. Doom is meddling with Thor, and Magneto is off in Limbo after being repowered during THE COLLECTIVE.

He's been in the hospital since issue #6. Maybe you can try coming back. ;)

Iron Man is Mr.morally grey,has been since the beginning,and that's why I love him.
I didn't answer all of them...Just those that came to mind.

Best Marvel Hero of 2007? Iron Fist

Is there another B-List character in the Marvel Universe who hit it as big as Danny Rand? Nope. The amount of people who picked up his title is astounding.

Worst Marvel Hero of 2007? Wolverine.

Both his titles were almost unreadable. Sure, I could have picked Blade...but, with the Blade writer and artist giving readers one of the worst Wolverine stories I've ever read, coupled with the extreme disappointment that is Wolverine: Origins, this is as clear as the big, red, oozing pimple on the end of your nose.

Best Marvel Heroine of 2007? Storm.

This one is more difficult, because Marvel Heroine's really take a backseat to all the events. Sure, Quasar was one of the best Annihilation 2 minis...but, four issues do not make a great heroine. Storm got hitched and really made her presense in the MU much bigger than it ever has been, and 2007 seven made her and the Black Panther a power couple to rival Reed and Sue.

Worst Marvel Heroine of 2007? Moondragon.

One of the worst plot twists I've read in ages! Turning Moondragon into an actual dragon just killed her as a character for me. It made me actually long to read The Other storyline from the Spidey comics.

Best Marvel Event of 2007? X-Men Messiah Complex.

Most of the events of 2007 really weren't that great. Annihilation started out with a bang; but, most of the miniseries bored me completely. Even the good ones, like Quasar, still had some bad elements, like the already mentioned Moondragon twist. Messiah Complex is the one event that brought the X-Men back into the limelight, and with each issue giving equal billing to all the various substories, it seems like maybe the X-Men books might get back on track. I cannot remember wanting to read an X-Men event this much since waaay back in the 90's.

Worst Marvel Event of 2007? World War Hulk.

Was it the worst Marvel's ever had? No. But, it's one of the biggest I've ever looked forward to, and with what was delivered, I consider it one of Marvel's biggest failures. The tie-in's didn't really seem to tie-in that well, and many of the supporting characters, like Amadeus Cho and the Warbound, just seemed to fade into the background.

Best Team Book of 2007? X-Factor

This is the easiest catagory to choose from. X-Factor delivered month after month with great storytelling, excellent characters that seemed to be brought together for a reason (other than a writer's whim), and became the best X-Men book a reader could buy.

Worst Team Book of 2007? X-Men.

I HATED the X-Men title. The stories were just difficult to read, and the reasoning behind the characters who made up the team just seemed ridiculous. (Really? Sabretooth, Mystique, and Cable???) The only good thing about this is it set up for the best event of 2007...but, that's all.

Best Relaunch of 2007? Iron Fist, naturally.

Worst Relaunch of 2007? Heroes Reborn/Onslaught Reborn!

I was thinking about it; but, then I remembered this horrid title that still is lingering in usual Liefeld delays. When Heroes Reborn Revisited was announced in 2006, I was positive it must be some joke. Nope, the only joke was on us. Maybe not what we think of as a relaunch, since it was only a miniseries....but, I'm fitting it into the criteria of a relaunch.

Best Mini of 2007? Dark Tower.

Not the best title to read; but, I had to give it severe kudos for bringing non-comic readers to Marvel. I saw people of all ages, men and women, go into a local comic store in Seattle just to get this title. Teaming Marvel with Stephen King was one of the absolute best marketing decisions EVER to come out of Marvel.

Worst Mini of 2007? X-Men Die By The Sword

I could have just said Onslaught Reborn again; but, this mini took one of the most consistently good titles, Exiles, and tied them with one of the worst, New Excalibur, and produced something that made both stink worse than they ever have before.

Best Ongoing of 2007? Captain America.

This choice was soooo easy. This is Captain America at his best, hands down. I've been reading this title since the 70's, and it has never been better. It's so good, even Dread finally got off his ass and started to buy it.

Worst Ongoing of 2007? Wolverine/Wolverine Origins.

I would have said just Origins; but, the current storyline written by the people that brought us Blade really has sunk Wolverine to a new low. I'll just name them both.

Best Writer & Artist of 2007? Brubaker/Epting

Their work on Captain America is just amazing.

Worst Writer & Artist of 2007? Guggenheim/Chaykin

Their work on Blade and Wolverine makes me wonder how they are staying in the business. It makes me long for Liefeld.

Best Marvel Villain of 2007? Iron Man.

Is he a villian? In my eyes, there was not a more despised character in the Marvel Universe.

Worst Marvel Villain of 2007? Hulk.

Not much of a villian. The idea of the Hulk coming to kick some butt and wage war on the people of Earth was such a great premise...too bad it sucked so bad.
Best Marvel Hero of 2007?
Thor reigns in as the best Marvel Hero of 2007 as Straczysnki gracefully executed his resurrection/revitalization. With a return anticipated before his title came to a close, readers were given a small taste of what to expect when Mjolnir came crashing into Earth's atmosphere. It was a tease, thinking that Thor would be ressurected there in the pages of F4, only to find Dr. Doom. However, we didn't walk away empty handed (and neither did the mysterious figure with the initials, DB on his hand bag). That was the first tease, as the second came in the pages of Civil War to put yet another stain on the reputations of Marvel's Iron Man, Tony Stark and his pro-reg followers. Instead of getting Thor, we received a bio-technological bastardization of our favorite thunder-god.
Once we finally got our "Thor" back, Straczysnki and Coipel together drew on many themes and sources to give us a fresh take on an old legend. Jack Kirby would be proud.

Worst Marvel Hero of 2007?
It pains me to say this, because this is my favorite Marvel Hero of all lifetime, but Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man takes the prize as the Worst Marvel Hero of 2007.
He began his super-heroing career after a fatal act of selfishness. This resulted in an ironic karmic backlash, manifesting in the form of his Uncle Ben's death. The death of Peter Parker's loved ones became a pattern for his career and you would think that he would he learn from his mistakes.
Under the impression of being under the protection of the U.S. government and to an even greater degree Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. Peter Parker reveals his secret identity on national television. Of all people, Peter Parker should have known better than this. Part of the job of the SHRA was to protect the identities of its registered heroes and with Peter Parker being one of the infamous "Masked Men" in comic book history, he should have shown more resistance. His naivette resulted in an attempt on not only his own life, but also that of his wife and aunt.
Aunt May takes the bullet, leading to what will be remembered as one of the most controversial Spider-Man stories since the Clone Saga of the 90's.

Best Marvel Heroine of 2007?
I've got to give it to Black Widow. Although she might not have her own title, she's cleary shown herself to be a character who can handle her own in a world of overpowered men. We've seen her in "Wolverine", going toe to toe with the Winter Soldier in "Captain America" and even making the God of War drool over in "Mighty Avengers".
Any woman who can win the heart of the God of War deserves recognition (R.I.P. Xena)

Worst Marvel Heroine of 2007?
Echo. Appearing in "New Avengers" as Matt Murdock's recommendation, Echo seems to only stand in as a Daredevil lite which was only to serve the purpose of throwing the fans off. She's yet to make much of an impact beyond the first Skrull reveal of the year. Can she prove her self in '08? Only time will tell.

Best Marvel Event of 2007?
Marvel's "Civil War" stands as the Best Marvel Event simply because it dared to address the social and political climate in America today. Resulting in the death of an American icon (Cap), the disillusion of the everyman (Spidey) and the soiling of god's image (Clor), to name a few, Civil War will be hard to remember. (Besides, "Messiah Complex" isn't over yet).

Worst Marvel Event of 2007?
Hands down...it goes to the Spider-Man crossover, One More Day.
What else is there to say about that hasn't already been said? Quesada kept his promise to put "the genie back in the bottle" but at what price? With Spider-Man's fan base already in distrust over arcs like "Sins Past" and "The Other", a move like One More Day was the worse step any editor could have taken with a character like Spider-Man.
The "Back in Black" arc in "Amazing Spider-Man" was well done. We got to see a side of Peter Parker we rarely get and it would have been AMAZING (I'm not sure if this pun is intended or not) to see what could be done with Spider-Man next.
For those who don't know, Aunt May was on her death bed after being struck by a sniper sent after the Parkers by Wilson Fisk himself. One More Day was Peter Parker's attempt to save Aunt May's life by any means necessary. And of course, Peter would do something like this. This is the woman who, with his Uncle Ben, took Peter in after he was orphaned and even after Ben died, she stood by Peter and took care of him.
Yes, he succeeded, but at the price of his marriage to Mary Jane Watson. Mephisto! None other than Mephisto, ladies and gentlemen, was the one who did the deed (with a little cooperation from MJ). Not only did he get Aunt May's life back in return, but also his best friend Harry Osborn his secret identity and those classic mechanical webshooters. I'll admit, Harry and the webshooters are interesting. But why?
Why make it as if the marriage never even existed? There were tons of ways to do away with Spider-Man's marriage. This route not only disrespected the fans faithfulness to this title and Marvel Comics but it did two more things. It made Peter Parker less relatable, because the every man NEVER gets the chance to just erase everything and start over, the every man lives with his mistakes and rises or falls as a result of them. It also committed one of the hugest taboos in comic book culture, which is erasing events from history.
Moves like this makes the Distinguished Competition of Marvel Comics seem all too familiar.

Best Team Book of 2007?
Fantastic Four was the Best Team Book of 2007. This team still manages to stay together after the events of Civil War and they maintain that F4 family essence we know and love. What else is there to say? The F4 are still going strong and we got to see the two best resurrections of the year (Thor and Dr. Doom).

Worst Team Book of 2007?
Both Avengers titles take this prize. This usually doesn't happen, but The Avengers is supposed to be a team which holds an example for all others in the Marvel Universe. There was something prestigious about being an Avenger, but now there are two separate teams. There's the one sponsored by S.H.I.E.L.D. and also the group of outlaws being hunted by the one sponsored by S.H.I.E.L.D.
There are no Avengers, until Avengers standards become unified.

Best Relaunch of 2007?

THOR. 'Nuff Said

Worst Relaunch of 2007?

Best Fight of 2007?

Thor vs. Iron Man was a fight fans have been clamoring for ever since the Clor incident. We've always wondered how Thor would react to being cloned by one of his best friends and finally Straczy and Coipel delivered.
One thing remained true. Iron Man had to limp home when Thor was done with him.

Worst Fight of 2007?

Wolverine vs. Cyber. I mean, this is the one guy Logan was supposed to be afraid of and he comes back for what? A tiny little squabble to be overshadowed by the appearance of Daken (Logan's son)? With Sabretooth dead, Cyber should have stepped up to claim his rightful title as the biggest bad ass in Wolverine's Rogues Gallery.

Best Moment of 2007?

The Death of Captain America. It symbolized the death of America's ideals as our favorite "Star Spangled Avenger" was gunned down on the step s of the Supreme Court.
I remember being somewhere completely different than where I usually am when I get a comic. It was a strange day, since I bought comics from Mid-town with money I'd had Western Unioned to me after being pickpocketed during a Spring Break trip in New York. I was in the Broadway Hotel, alone in my room, because my friends were out doing their own thing when I watched a legend die right there at the tips of my fingers. This was one of the rare times I actually cried as a result of fiction, maybe it's because from where I was (in New York of all places) the statement felt so true.

Worst Moment of 2007?
The revelation that the events of OMD actually turned out to be true.

Best Mini of 2007?
The Gunslinger: Born. Vol. 8 of the Dark Tower Series. One word: KING (and I'm not talking about Jack Kirby)

Worst Mini of 2007?
Dr. Strange: Blood Oath is only here because it should have lead into a Dr. Strange ongoing.

Best Ongoing of 2007?
As amazing as "Thor" is, it's got to take a back seat to "Captain America". With Brubaker's writing and Epting on pencils...hell, you can't forget Guice's inking and the work of D'Armata on coloring..."Captain America" is just pure beauty.
This is where readers got to witness Cap's assassination and also the core of the grief and conspiracy attached to it. The story keeps you going and there's not a single moment where I think: "Hmmm...maybe I should have just bought an indie title today."

Worst Ongoing of 2007?
Wolverine. He's one of my favorite characters, but there is so much potential for story that's being missed right now. When your solo title gets a spin-off, that's your own spin-off that's over kill. Wolverine remembers his past now and that's great, because that means we get to read about it too, but I want one or the other. With Wolverine: Origins seeming to be doing more for the character than "Wolverine" (the title it spun out of) the answer is clear.

Best Writer & Artist of 2007?
Brubaker never ceases to amaze me with his work on both "Daredevil" and "Captain America". His contribution to "The Immortal Iron Fist" is nothing to be ignored. He's simply great at what he does (and as far as I'm concerned that's writing comics)
Michael Lark works wonders on Daredevil. There aren't words enough to describe how well he captures the atmosphere of Hell's Kitchen nor the realism of the characters he depicts in these titles.

Worst Writer & Artist of 2007?
Brian Michael Bendis, whose work I loved on "Daredevil", seems to be spreading himself too thin by working on two Avengers titles. Although I enjoy the re-introduction of thought balloons to the format, the stories seem all too familiar and predictable.
Chris Bachalo. Although I once enjoyed his style, either the coloring or the inking is damaging his work. Maybe there's something else I don't entirely understand, but something has changed. His characters are barely even recognizable anymore (in some instances).

Best Marvel Villain of 2007?
The Red Skull. If there's anyone who deserves this honor, it's him. Not only did he orchestrate the monumental death of a legend, but he went further. His plan hasn't even come to full fruition yet, but he's already infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. and put America in the palm of his hand.

Worst Marvel Villain of 2007?
Wilson Fisk. First he gets his ass handed to him by, not Spider-Man, but Peter Parker! Then, Matt Murdock sends him on his way and packing to Japan. Now he has some young upstart upstaging him at the role of "Kingpin of Crime".

Best New Marvel character of 2007?
She's Layla Miller. She knows stuff.

Worst New Marvel character of 2007?
The Baby May that never was.
Worst moment of 2007 = Peter Parker makes a deal with the Devil. Jeeez. :whatever:

I know there is a lot of stink about this; but, I'm really withholding judgement until I see what comes afterwards. To get Slott on Spidey, it might very well be worth the end results. Sure, it was a little too much erasing all the past; but, I'm excited to see some new storylines.

Plus, as a four-part story, I thought it was pretty well done. Mephisto has always been a favorite villian of mine, and the old "deal with the devil" was pretty neat.
I know there is a lot of stink about this; but, I'm really withholding judgement until I see what comes afterwards. To get Slott on Spidey, it might very well be worth the end results. Sure, it was a little too much erasing all the past; but, I'm excited to see some new storylines.

Plus, as a four-part story, I thought it was pretty well done. Mephisto has always been a favorite villian of mine, and the old "deal with the devil" was pretty neat.

Well, it's best and worst of 2007. That moment made it into '07 and it is, after all, only a moment. Compared to everything else that happened? I'd consider that one the worst.

It's not making a deal with the devil that's the problem. It's what happened as a result. That's what the issue is.
The only thing I hate about Best and Worst lists is many people only remember what is most recent. Crap from January to June is usually long, long forgotten. It holds true with almost all things, from awarding comic prizes to the Oscars. I think OMD is just at the forefront of most people's minds.
I'd agree with you if I hadn't included things that were happening in January (or at least March).
I'd agree with you if I hadn't included things that were happening in January (or at least March).

Oh, I'm not saying that about you...I just think most people will focus on OMD.

I remember during Marvel's anniversary in 2001, they had the readers vote on the 100 best comics in Marvel's history. I hated it for one reason...it included too many recent issues that really didn't stand up to the test of time.

100. Generation X #1
99. Captain America (vol. 1) #444
98. Fantastic Four (vol. 1) #232
97. X-Factor (vol. 1) #87
96. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #101
95. Iron Man (III) #1
94. Fantastic Four (vol. 1) #18
93. Uncanny X-Men #145
92. Captain Marvel (vol. 1) #34
91. X-Men (vol. 1) #121
90. Uncanny X-Men #283
89. Secret Wars #8
88. Uncanny X-Men #248
87. X-Factor (vol. 1) #24
86. X-Men (vol. 2) #53
85. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #238
84. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #194
83. The Avengers (vol. 1) #57
82. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #90
81. Captain America (vol. 1) #117
80. Fantastic Four Annual #3
79. Tales of Suspense (vol. 1) #57
78. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #31
77. Uncanny X-Men #266
76. X-Force (vol. 1) #1
75. The Punisher War Journal #6
74. X-Factor (vol. 1) #6
73. Iron Man (vol. 1) #55
72. Uncanny X-Men #162
71. Uncanny X-Men #172
70. X-Men (vol. 1) #14
69. Uncanny X-Men #212
68. X-Men (vol. 2) #30
67. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #13
66. X-Factor (vol. 1) #1
65. X-Men (vol. 1) #129
64. Uncanny X-Men #256
63. Uncanny X-Men #210
62. New Mutants (vol. 1) #1
61. X-Men (vol. 1) #100
60. Uncanny X-Men #303
59. Iron Fist (vol. 1) #14
58. Fantastic Four (vol. 1) #100
57. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #298
56. X-Men (vol. 1) #9
55. Iron Man (vol. 1) #225
54. Marvel Spotlight (vol. 1) #5
53. Fantastic Four (vol. 1) #4
52. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #2
51. X-Men (vol. 1) #108
50. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #129
49. Uncanny X-Men #171
48. Uncanny X-Men #225
47. Uncanny X-Men #159
46. The Avengers (III) #1
45. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #50
44. X-Men (vol. 1) #12
43. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #6
42. X-Men (vol. 1) #58
41. X-Men (vol. 1) #3
40. Wolverine (vol. 2) #145
39. The Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) #340
38. X-Men (vol. 1) #2
37. Wolverine (vol. 1) #4
36. Secret Wars #1
35. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #3
34. The Silver Surfer (vol. 1) #1
33. Fantastic Four (vol. 1) #12
32. X-Men (vol. 1) #95
31. Journey into Mystery (vol. 1) #83
30. X-Men (vol. 1) #4
29. Tales of Suspense (vol. 1) #39
28. Fantastic Four (vol. 1) #5
27. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #14
26. Daredevil (vol. 2) #1

[edit] Volume 1 (#25-#22)

25. X-Men (vol. 1) #141
24. Fantastic Four (vol. 1) #48
23. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #1
22. Daredevil (vol. 1) #181

[edit] Volume 2 (#21-#18)

21. The Avengers (vol. 1) #1
20. Uncanny X-Men #350
19. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #122
18. Captain America (vol. 1) #109

[edit] Volume 3 (#17-#14)

17. The Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) #181
16. X-Men (vol. 2) #25
15. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #33
14. Spider-Man (vol. 1) #1ries

[edit] Volume 4 (#13-#10)

13. Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #1
12. Ultimate X-Men #1
11. Daredevil (vol. 1) #227
10. Wolverine (vol. 2) #75

[edit] Volume 5 (#9-#6)

9. Ultimate Spider-Man #1
8. X-Men (vol. 1) #1
7. The Avengers (vol. 1) #
6. The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #121

Volumes 6-10 (#5-#1)

5. X-Men (vol. 2) #1
4. Giant-Size X-Men #1
3. X-Men (vol. 1) #137
2. Fantastic Four (vol. 1) #1
1. Amazing Fantasy #15

As you can see, some issues shouldn't be on the list, like Iron Man (Vol. 3) #1 and Generation X #1, while others are listed far too high, like Wolverine #75 and Ultimate X-Men #1. (Would Ultimate X-Men #1 even make the top 100 now? I don't think it deserves it, imo.)
Best Marvel Hero of 2007?
Bucky Barnes. With Cap's death, Bucky's become something of the main star among an ensemble cast in Cap's book, and Brubaker's put him to great use, making him conflicted and charismatic in all the right ways. I was admittedly one of the people who hated the idea of his coming back, but Brubaker's made it work so well that I can't really fault him for anything now. This whole death of Cap thing wouldn't have been nearly as good without Bucky around to give it its intensely personal, almost fanboyish perspective.

Worst Marvel Hero of 2007?
Colossus. He had a lackluster resurrection a while ago, which most of us excused because we were just glad to have him back, but he's done absolutely nothing but suck in 2007. He honestly might as well still be dead for all the impact he's had on anything this year.

Best Marvel Heroine of 2007?
I know I'm probably alone on this, but I'm gonna go with Talisman from Omega Flight. I took a real liking to her thanks to Oeming's characterization of her as a tough, no-nonsense woman with... issues... regarding the Canadian government and its treatment of her father. I only wish the series had continued so I could see more of her apprehensive beginnings of a bond with Michael Pointer.

Worst Marvel Heroine of 2007?
Tigra. Granted, it's not her fault. People have just been using her in really terrible ways. First she becomes something of a sexpot, trophy girlfriend to Hank Pym, which makes both Hank and her seem kind of sleazy since they've known each other for years, including while Hank and Jan were married. Then she's just used as an easy victim to make the wussy Hood look better in New Avengers. She's just pathetic now.

Best Marvel Event of 2007?
Messiah Complex. I've stayed away from a lot of the crossovers lately. Burnt out, I guess. But Messiah Complex is easily the most engaging and narratively sound of the bunch. The story flows well from issue to issue and, although parts of it have been boring (Jamie and Layla, I'm looking at you), the majority of it has been logical in concept and great in execution.

Worst Marvel Event of 2007?
The Return of Captain Marvel. Didn't need to happen in any way, shape, or form, but the shape and form it did take turned out to be downright insulting.

Best Team Book of 2007?
The Order. Matt Fraction and Barry Kitson have taken a team I had zero interest in going in and forged them into a compelling, dynamic bunch of living, breathing human beings. They have their faults and failings, but unlike a lot of other comics, Fraction knows when to rein it in and also make them genuinely heroic rather than just miring them further and further in failings. I also love the dickwad playboy persona he gives Tony; it seemed odd and disjointed given his portrayals elsewhere at first, but after I put it in context and realized that this is Tony letting his hair down among friends like Henry and Pepper, it made sense--perfect sense, in fact, in one of those head-slapping moments.

Worst Team Book of 2007?
Exiles. Poor, poor Exiles. I used to love the team, but then Chris Claremont hopped on board and derailed that b**** in no time flat. Judd Winick had kept the Exiles themselves very X-centric but allowed the worlds they explored to branch out and encompass neat What If versions of virtually every Marvel character, and then Tony Bedard extended that and broadened the Exiles' membership horizons to include such favorites as Spider-Man 2099 and Princess Power of the Squadron Supreme. Then Claremont came along, slapped Psylocke and, later, Sage on, and made it more myopic in its X-centrism (ha, pun) than ever. Talk about regression.

Best Relaunch of 2007?
Thor, obviously. JMS took an already fantastic character that people were too dumb to appreciate and made him appealing to the masses. I'm not sure how impressive that really is, given that most people seemed to hate Thor simply for the way he spoke, but the end result--a Thor comic consistently sitting in the top 10 for its entire run so far--is pretty damn gratifying to a huge Thor fan like myself.

Worst Relaunch of 2007?
Don't know. I don't think there were that many relaunches in the first place this year, but I generally enjoyed the ones we did get. At least, as far as I remember.

Best Fight of 2007?
Nova vs. Annihilus in the final issue of Annihilation--oh yes, Annihilation #6 came out in January '07, so it still counts. :) What a badass fight. Everything about it owned and, unlike many of the other big "event fights" in recent memory, it totally delivered on its promise as a fulfilling climax to its story. It was incredible.

Worst Fight of 2007?
The Hulk vs. Black Bolt. Ostensibly supposed to be a huge battle in a huge event, we only saw about five panels of it. Uber-lame.

Best Moment of 2007?
Thor vs. Iron Man, Thor vol. 3 #3. You'll notice this isn't listed as the best fight, and the reason for that is simple: this wasn't a fight, it was a slaughter. Thor took everything Iron Man had to throw at him, waxed righteous for a bit, and then beat the ungodly living crap out of Tony, showing simultaneously that he was back and better than ever power-wise, and that he wasn't going to roll over and take any crap from lowly mortals now that he was alive to object to it again. And the best part of all was that it was absolutely, 100% justified. Tony spat on their friendship and tarnished Thor's good name. He is Thor's Judas at the moment and Thor calling him on it made for one hell of an issue.

Worst Moment of 2007?
The ending of One More Day. Self-explanatory, really, and being discussed in about 3 or 4 other threads for the last several days, to boot.

Best Mini of 2007?
Annihilation Conquest: Star-Lord. Giffen really needs to just be let loose on a space-based ongoing. Starting with Annihilation: Nova through Annihilation and finally into Star-Lord, he's made Marvel's cosmos wondrous, dangerous, and fun again. The dirty dozen-style antics of Star-Lord and his crew easily made for one of the most entertaining minis I've ever read, let alone in 2007.

Worst Mini of 2007?
Mystic Arcana/The Marvel Tarot. I count The Marvel Tarot because, although it's not officially associated with Mystic Arcana, it's obviously a Mystic Arcana Official Handbook of sorts. While touted as Marvel's magical answer to Annihilation, Mystic Arcana was anything but. Rather, it was just a series of barely connected, hugely mediocre one-shots about random magic characters that had nothing to do with each other and only the tiniest bit to do with the framing story featuring Ian McNee. Even the Black Knight issue, while enjoyable for its Grummett art, was just pointless and unnecessary. Didn't even follow the right Black Knight, for my tastes. Just lame from start to finish.

Best Ongoing of 2007?
Captain America. Consistently my favorite series from Marvel, which is saying a lot. (Thor may give it a run for its money in '08, but it only started more than halfway through the year.) If you don't know why, you're probably not reading it, and if you're not reading it, I don't really care to talk to you so I won't bother explaining. :oldrazz:

Worst Ongoing of 2007?
This one's tough for me, since I generally don't read comics I don't enjoy long enough to have them settle in my mind as the "worst of" anything, but I'm gonna go with Fantastic Four. Whether it was bumbling through Civil War as an incoherent mess under JMS, with his terrible, ill-conceived 'justifications' for characters' actions, or just generally bumbling about in mediocrity under Dwayne McDuffie, the title has had a very bad year. I'm not surprised it's still selling well because it's the Fantastic Four, but I doubt anyone would really give you more than an "ehhh... it's the Fantastic Four!" as justification for reading it. It's been horrible for a while now, and with Millar and Hitch taking over, it only looks like it'll get worse.

Best Writer & Artist of 2007?
Ed Brubaker and the team of Steve Epting and Mike Perkins on Captain America. Not only is the comic my favorite Marvel publication every month, it looks and reads better than most mainstream comics. All three creators are top-notch talents and operating at the top of their game every month on the series. Few other artists can match the subtle emotion in Epting's expressions, and few artist teams can manage to keep such a distinct and consistent visual style regardless of which artist is drawing a given issue. Perkins and Epting are different artists, but they complement each other so well that I rarely ever think of them as "Epting issues" or "Perkins issues" anymore; they're Captain America issues and they always look like it. They've built an amazingly convincing and consistent visual world for Brubaker's stories to take place in.

Worst Writer & Artist of 2007?
This one's not a team. Chris Claremont gets my vote for worst writer of 2007 for trotting his same, tired, boring, overwrought style from title to title. Seriously, he's not even writing distinct comics at this point; he's been writing Random Comic with Sage, Psylocke, and Various Other X-characters every single time. Worst artist goes to Humberto Ramos. It'd be easier to justify an artist who just flat-out sucks, but Ramos genuinely annoys me because he doesn't suck. The man has talent, but he refuses to use it in anything resembling a coherent visual style. His figures are all kinds of ******ed, his narratives are muddled and hard to follow, and his art is just generally very unpleasant to look at.

Best Marvel Villain of 2007?
Iron Man. Sure, you and I know he's not really a villain, he's just a hero with pretty extreme, ends-justify-the-means methods, but a lot of the superheroes in Marvel's cast certainly think of him as a villain. And it's been making for some very good stories. Way to take a character who was never really all that interesting to me and instantly turning him into one of the most polarizing figures of the year. He's certainly interesting now.

Worst Marvel Villain of 2007?
The Hood. I gave him a shot, but if kicking Tigra's ass is supposed to be his idea of a "major move" in the superhuman underworld, he's not fit to be the kingpin of a bowling league, let alone of Marvel's supervillains. The guy's a crappy villain who's only getting to look this good at the expense of other characters, who are being written well below their usual standard.

Best New Marvel character of 2007?
Orson Randall. All right, so I'm not entirely certain his first appearance was in 2006 or 2007, but seriously, who else could top Danny Rand's predecessor to the Iron Fist mantle? The guy was badass from start to finish and, although his death was pretty telegraphed, it was no less meaningful and poignant. I look forward to more flashback tales from his prime in the months and years to come.

(Honorable mention to Cloud 9, whom I really liked because of Slott's ability to make her both a metaphor for the juggernaut-like Initiative's effect on the average, down-to-earth (figuratively) superhuman and a genuinely interesting character in her own right.)

Worst New Marvel character of 2007?
I can't really think of anyone. The Gauntlet's not really a new character of '07, since he was mentioned in She-Hulk before this year, but he does annoy me. Dude's just profoundly unlikable. By design, sure, but unlikable nonetheless.

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