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Oct 23, 2002
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Which do you think was the better Peter Pan movie; the animated Disney movie, Hook, or the 2003 Peter Pan?
I'll go with the 03 version though I loved Hook. I liked how they stayed true to the format of the play by having the same actor play Wendy's father and Hook.
I picked 2003 for the same reasons as Poetic Chaos. Along those lines, one thing I did like about Hook, and it didn't get enough credit for this, was incorporating a lot from the play and reworking it.
Hook, with the '03 one as a close second. The girl who plays Wendy in that one makes me feel dirty.
I remember loving the original Peter Pan when I was a little kid, but I was completely obsessed with Hook.
Never saw the 2003 version all the way I will go with Hook...
screw hook, i was so not down with the 'adult peter'
I go with Disney's animated and 03' version.
Disney's animated for me. A classic. I also enjoyed Hook.

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