Boston Marathon Terror Attack - Part 1

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Now CNN is saying there's only one suspect in custody.
Church could be where suspect(s) are holed up in.
Apparently an arrest is being made. A guy on the street with a backpack was taken into custody.
Wait how many are there? I am hearing that two are in custody. Is there a third?
I haven't heard news anchors this lost for words since 9/11.
Someone is reporting a false arrest. This is very confusing, but I can't stop listening.
Cops just arrested a guy; reporter asked a guy nearby something....the guy says he knows the one who got arrested, and says he was arrested just because he has a backpack and "for no reason."
I'm on the police scanner so I have no idea what the live media coverage is saying.
The media needs to shut up and verify something.
It's too bad that this is happening so late because I'm sure the news stations are having a field day with all of this happening so quickly.
BREAKING: National Guard responds to Watertown after reported explosions - @cbsboston
Seems like Police are systematically searching streets.
According to CNN, there is an FBI presence in Watertown, which may mean that **** is getting real down there.
Another loud boom being reported by people on Twitter
Someone possibly kidnapped when they took the cars?
Seriously, if this is an unrelated crime, they couldn't have picked a worse night.

Like holding up a kirspy kreme.
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