Bought and thoughtfor the week of March 4th 2009 *spoilers*

Thousands of hours of japanese bondage porno has decencitized me to such things. So they may as well put it back into the WW mythos. I mean, Supes was a member of the legion again, why not WW and S@M? Speaking of japanese porn, i'd love to see Hawkgirl in some of that farting chick fetish stuff......I'm very drunk.....
I bought alot of great comics this week. Anybody read the final issue to Spider-Man/X-Men? Great stuff. :up:
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Some real quick thoughtses; I really haven't had time to do any of these for a while.

Wonder Woman #29
I actually quite liked this issue. Genocide is still pretty cock, but everything in here -- flow of story, interesting twists, art, battles, giant squids crushing the **** out of a Navy ship -- was like a dozen times better than the issue before. What can I say, I got a kick out of Kane Milohai casting Meteo.

(7.8 out of 10)

Nathan, Wonder Woman: the new DTV thingy
Surprisingly good. There's so much decapitation here! The woman tosses that tiara again and again, she just can't bloody hang onto it, it's like greased lard! I guess lard is kind of grease anyway. And then there's dual-wielding zombie Amazons with the voice of Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls. And then there's some serious funny that actually caught me by surprise. It's not really the origin story movie that I would have chosen for WW, and you won't really find that much insightful insight into the whole "woman's ambassador" deal that is pretty central to the character, but it's surprisingly good. It works quite well as an All Star/Ultimate take on the story but, really, don't get this for the story, get this for the action which is phenomenal compared to your usual charming little white people cartoons.

(8.3 out of 10)

War of Kings #1
I get that I'm probably supposed to root for the Inhumkrees here, and they're certainly a fair bit more likable than Superboy-Prime OOPS I MEAN VULCAN especially with poor lovesick Ronan over there in the corner, but I do find it a bit on the ":dry:" side that Medusa was all like, "Oh whatever with your silly concerns, you silly ex-empress of an intergalactic empire who certainly has no idea what she's sillily talking about, we can handle whatever the Shi'ar can dish," and then like the very next thing they do is to...very, very not handle the stuff that the Shi'ar dished. Crystal was like hey we're Inhumans, we're very good at ruling stuff but, really, judging from recent evidence, that's pretty much the last thing they're good at. Look, b****es. You kinda suck. Deal with the not sucking and then we'll get to me sympathizing with you dying.

Sorry, Buffy came out this week. I very talk good.

Other than that, totally looking forward to this event! :D:up:

(8 out of 10)

Nova #22
This is awesome so get it.

(9.5 out of 10)

Blue Beetle #:(
This is not quite as awesome but I still liked it so you should get it OH WAIT IT'S OVER. ****.

(8.3 out of 10)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #23
This was good.

(7.9 out of 10)

The Mighty #1 and 2
This was good.

(8.2 out of 10)

Trinity #908356
This is still going? I kid. Actually this issue was really good. It kinda kicked some butt. It didn't really kick ass, but it kicked butt. The problem is that this particular issue makes it so damn glaring that like half of the issues of the last two months were just completely. ****ing. Pointless. Hawkman and co. spend all that time contesting territories and fighting against Morgain and co. and doing the whole Tarot symbology thing with different sorts of heroes and they do this week after week after week...and then apparently we're supposed to feel moved because they were losing and everything was looking dire and all hope was lost...except that this week, the Trinity just shows up in literal God Mode and pulls a literal Deus Ex Machina and saves their whole misbegotten little endeavor. Which literally means that the only actual story we needed for the past few months is the one where the Alfred and the Sidekick Crew go and get the Trinity to come back.


(7.9 out of 10)

I like the way you think
You know, leather and spankings and chains and butt plugs.
I was going to say something earlier, but you don't like Wonder Woman. :o

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