Bought/Thought 10/31/07

If Kent does join the JSA, they'll be pretty much the go-to place for superhero medicine. All they'd need is a veterinarian and a pharmacist.
Meanwhile, I completely lol'd at that last page where Eaglesham obviously drew John Stewart and Kalisz obviously colored Hal Jordan.
Hal and John are both in the shot (John's behind Superman).
Then they colored Jeff Pierce wrong or something, because that head is not the head of a white Hal Jordan:p.

Countdown to gif in three...two...
The Dr. Fate story is actually good? I bought the first issue and wasn't impressed. I find it lame that they've basically given the Helmet back to Kent Nelson, with a little "Oh, it's not the Golden Age Kent Nelson, it's his grandson or grandnephew or whatever instead" thrown in as an afterthought.
I feared for that at first. But the family connection has been completely downplayed -- alluded to once in the first issue as you know, and then never again -- and Kent himself seems to have no ties whatsoever to any of that. He is, for all intents and purposes, a completely new character and a strong one at that.

And, honestly, "Kent Nelson" is hardly such an iconic persona that revisiting it actually feels like a revisit. Who here actually remembers anything about the original? You could stick that name on anyone and it wouldn't exactly like sticking "Clark Kent" or "Barry Allen" on them.
I remember the original one. It just seems lame that Dr. Fate had to come back to a Nelson. Hector Hall was a great Fate, as far as I'm concerned, but he appears to be another casualty of the sweeping decision to give everything in DC some connection to the Silver Age. Hector even has connections of his own to the Silver Age, but I guess they weren't Fate-ish enough. I'm not disputing that nu-Kent isn't a good character, but I'm sick of the blatant favoritism for old school crap at the expense of anything created after 1980 that DC is currently going through.
daredevil 101, how come matt/daredevil didn't here the pimp and the hood talking on the rooftops?! i knw he can hear frommiles away and even smell miles away, sow ahts up?

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