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Bought/Thought 10/17/07

Oh, that's right. I forgot your opinions don't mean ****.

I'm not even saying it's bad art at all though, I said that I've seen better from Mitch. Geez. You'd think I was calling it the art a piece of **** or something.
It wouldn't matter if you did. Like I said, your opinions factor into nothing.
The only lowpoint to Checkmate has been the Outsiders tie-in. Checkmate did it's best with the material given; but, the Outsiders comics were just horrible.
In didn't actually read any of the Outsiders issues - my comic shop didn't hold them for me and then I just kept on forgetting. So it's really not important to Checkmate to read them.
Yeah, the Outsiders tie-in is definitely the low point. As yen pointed out, however, it's not all that important. It's like Checkmate stopped being itself for three issues and then picked right back up with what it was doing before.
It did manage to throw in some development regarding Sasha, and even remembered about Boomerang Jr.'s association with Waller.
It wasn't a total loss. It just wasn't as good as the rest of the series.
I didn't actually read any of the Outsiders issues -

Same here. I picked up the first few issues of the series but it never grabbed me. Wasn't gonna waste $$$ just to have to have a "complete" story.

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