Brie Larson is Captain Marvel!

So in the Singapore event, Brie will be with RDJ and Renner. I wonder if they will be her unofficial press partners?

And oh it looks like she unfortunately but understandably dropped from the Charlie Kaufman project. Girl will be so tired from the back to back promo rounds.
Aw man, that's disappointing about the Kaufman project. Would've been cool to get a United States of Tara reunion with her and Colette. And of course, Kaufman's always interesting. But like you say, can't really blame her. She's got that Apple show she's gearing up for, too.
I'm a bit late to the party but i gotta say, i loved Brie as Captain Marvel, and i'm very much looking forward to seeing her in Endgame, and where the character goes.
Somebody got owned bad... :hehe:

And seriously, if you’re going to harp on her for directing, might as well harp on all the actors who tries their hand in directing with much less experience. This actor turn director thing is SO common now.
Of course they would go after her new movie.

This never-ending trolling and search-and-destroy mode that some do to people and/or groups they dislike is just getting old. It's like HS bullying/hazing taken to a whole other level.
But I thought the rest of the Avengers cast didn't like Brie. :o
As awesome as the Thor/Carol interactions are gonna be, I'm very much looking forward to Carol/Rhodey as well, their history in the comics withstanding.

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