Brie Larson is Captain Marvel!

Of course they would go after her new movie.

Haters got nothing to do but hate!
She really is undeserving of the hate these incels are giving her.
And it's good to see the exact same type of people who have become her keyboard warriors think, act and get emotional all the same way. What is it like to be an NPC? Not to have no individual opinions and thinking? To do and say exactly what The Party demands of you?
I thought that was Jake Lloyd for a minute.

The article at Brie Larson Back On Twitter For Marvel Dance and Pokemon necessitated the following 2 funny comments:

"I'm... I'm sorry. What part of this are we supposed to be mad about?"
"LOL! This article totally lacks any cohesion or a constant narrative. Its all over the place. Pretty shoddy for an English major. I graded it for its tone, cohesion, and overall composition and gave it an F...."

The article treads water and seems to lack a point as if meant to necessitate a state of being baffled and perplexed. LOL

The photo with her drinking out of a straw kind of reminded me of the video from when she was nice enough to visit a New Jersey movie theatre at Captain Marvel's release.

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What exactly are they complaining about?
We have since entered the be mad about anything and everything age...
Only a few fools would dare bad-mouth her in Evans presence lol
I think the only thing about Brie Larsson that really annoys me are her stans, because I've met/talked to some of them and they are insufferable. I don't mean her fans, people who like her movies or her, but those who praise her like she's the best thing since sliced bread.

Everything else is just 'meh'. I didn't like how Cap Marv was written, but then again I hate her in the comics so I already have a bias against her, so that's not Brie's fault. The 'controversial' stuff she says is easy to block out because I can't be bothered to deal with drama and people fighting over silly stuff.

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