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Aug 29, 2005
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if there was one character that you would have to change the design for who would it be? or which is the least faitful to the character's design.





Oh and if anyone has a better idea for the designs to these characters post them.
I voted 'other' because I pretty much like all of them. I might have made Clayface bulkier, but then again, that might have been compared even more to BTAS, so I guess the look they went with was ok.
I like the Batman design and the Riddler design... but I just can't stand the Joker. I know he's supposed to be insane, but he doesn't look human, almost like an ape or something with a very crazy smile. I always pictured the Joker as a crazed genius, especially from B:TAS and Batman Beyond
Oh whoops. I thought this was for best design.

For worst, I'd say Bane. But there's never really been a well-designed version of him.
The Mr. Freeze design would have been cool if he had a freeze gun. I would at least change it to have a freeze gun. But the worst would have to go out as a tie between Bane or the Riddler
The Joker. The rest, I'm fine with. As for how I would have done it:

Joker!, Bane!, riddler and Freeze.
IMO Alfred sucks as well.
Bane, he reminds me of Batman & Robin
Riddler. He kicks ass on the show (why couldnt TNBA do it like this?) but his costume needs to go. He really needs the green suit and bowler hat.
A bowler hat was "stylish" 30-40 years ago, but the Riddler needed an updated look. I don't really care for his new design either, but the hat had to go...
the Joker......this version of him he looks like a circus clown after doing a night of blow
Bane. I wouldnt mind is he were a little more fleshtone.
:joker: I think the joker shouldn't get an extreme retrofit. It would cbe cooler to have the two versions of joker, the "jack nicholson/frank miller"ian and the circus clown, battle it out for the title of god of comedy!!!!
batgirl, she looks anorexic. I like the joker but they could have made him look a little bit like B:TAS. Bane looks weird. Penguin is okay. And i love everyone elses. the riddler is kinda cool looking.

P.S. clue masters also sucks major monkey balls.
Pre-venom Bane looks awesome IMO, and they got the character right where he is a cunning strategist and not just someone's pawn, but post venom bane looks ****ing ridiculous. The red skin and messed up teeth look terrible, and I would like it if he was a bit smaller. His proportions are way off too, I know they're supposed to be a bit exaggerated, but seriously, his fist is as wide/thick as his waist, with that skinny a waist and all that meat on top, Batman just needs to get him to lose his balance and the weight of his own shoulders will snap himself in half backwards.
Could you post a picture of Pre-venom Bane. I've never seen him.
Now that ive really looked at it mr.freeze looks ridiculuos.
ghost113 said:
Could you post a picture of Pre-venom Bane. I've never seen him.

I searched around but couldn't find one, If anyone has a screencap or pic, please post it.

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