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The Dark Knight Chicago Dent Supporters - Unite

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Nov 30, 2007
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Hey Chicago peeps, I think we should put our brains together and really do this thing right. Post in here some ideas, or maybe a day we all meet up and spread the word of Harvey Dent.

The Dent Mobile will be in town TOMORROW, March 13. I am taking off work all day tomorrow to go play. Everyone notice how they picked the times...

8-10am = morning commuters
11-1pm = lunch breaks
4-6pm = evening commuters

Insane and ridiculously smart. Being the Joker Cake phone winner, I am contemplating forming a Joker goon group to go and crash the campaign...possible? Smart? Not smart? Stupid? Yes? No? Insane? Any takers PM me.

The date, time and location is below. I got it off of the website. Let's do this people.

March 13th:

Lasalle & Van Buren Commuter Station

Jackson St. & State St.

Canal & Madison Commuter Station
I work right in downtown... I'll be comming on my lunch break and possibly after work to the last stop as well!!!!
If I had the time I'd head over to State & Jackson at lunch ... phooey! :cmad:

Well, for anyone who DOES head over there tomorrow better have
descriptions/pics/video/kidnapped Dent in a Sack/ANYTHING. :word:
I have one class tomorrow and I live in Green Bay. I think that I might want to spend the day in Chicago.

I am trying to get my friend to come with me.

I am slowly making her a Batman fan.
Well, I convinced my friend and we are going.

I cant believe that I am going to spend 3.5 hours in a car to get there.

I am a crazy fan, and its also a good excuse for her too. She needs a ride home for spring break.
Redd... Chicago rocks. So even if its just a bus and some interns passing out flyers. It's worth it just to come and spend the day downtown. Grab some food, Go check out navy pier, Wayne Tower, Sears Tower and Gotham Bank!
Man, the 8am stop is within spitting distance from my work...unfortunately, I work after 2pm, so it looks like I'll be taking a little walk. Family obligations prevent me from getting there any earlier.
Well I am leaving for Chicago tonight, spending the night at my friends house and then going to the 8am event in the morning.

I'll try and grab some extras of whatever they hand out tomorrow for all the people that couldn't be there.

I am so excited!
The Joker needs to have a presence tomorrow....I will be there representing with my Joker phone and all...passing out some special flyers.....
I'm heading out now...see you clowns at 8am...11am...4pm...
I arrived at the 'dentmobile' at about 7:35. It was a white van with Harvey Dent posters on it. There were two 'campaign managers' and another fellow Dent supporter (the same person who got the cake phone, he'll be submitting photos sometime). We got stickers, buttons, and t-shirts to be street promoters. We waved picket signs. At 8 a cop came up to us and said we had to go. The managers cooperated and left. They said they would be at the later stops.

I was at the 8am stop (got there at 7:30) and I sure am glad I did. At 8:03 the cops came and kicked us out! Only 3 people showed up from the boards (me and 2 others...one of the was Tony...hi Tony) but we did end up getting a lot of free stuff...bumper stickers, posters, buttons, and a t-shirt.

You should have seen the people as they were coming out of the train station:

"Who is Harvey Dent?"
"What is this all about?"
"Is this for that movie?" (we responded, "What movie? No Country for Old Men? That's a movie!")

It was a lot of fun but lets hope the cops don't ruin the 11am and 4pm sessions. I can't make the 11 but I will be at the 4pm trail.

How do you put pictures in your posts!? I can't figure it out...
First time poster, long time lurker.

thanks for posting what went down at 7:30. I got off at the LaSalle and VanBuren stop at 5 after 8, and wandered around like a vagrant until quarter after nine thinking I was missing something. Out of curiosity, where exactly was the van?
First time poster, long time lurker.

thanks for posting what went down at 7:30. I got off at the LaSalle and VanBuren stop at 5 after 8, and wandered around like a vagrant until quarter after nine thinking I was missing something. Out of curiosity, where exactly was the van?
Right down LaSalle street...right by the Metra.
I'm off work at Noon. Which CTA stop in the Loop is closest to State and Jackson?

:thing: :doom: :thing:
Hmmm.... gonna have to catch the blue at Grand...

Hopefully they won't shut it down before I get there.

Aunt Petunia is going to try and make the scene. :D

:thing: :doom: :thing:
I'm going to try and get to the 4pm stop. Any insight on when they will get there? It sounds like they were about a half hour early to the 8am location. Anyone else going?
just got back from the 11am one. They hand out buttons & bumper stickers to anyone who asks. The shirts are for people who pop up early and ask to help.

I was only there til about 11:30 it looked to me like they were packing up when I walked away. However I didn't see any cops around.

I'm gonna hit up the 4pm one and try to grab some more stickers
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