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I voted none of the above.

There is something quite exciting about seeing an unknown actor being cast in the role.
I voted none of the above.

There is something quite exciting about seeing an unknown actor being cast in the role.

Yep. Hamm and Gosling seem like good choices, but perhaps TOO good. Too famous for sure.
The actor I really want is Tom Hardy.
I love Gosling, he's one of the top actor's under 40. He's shown extreme versatility as an actor which is extremely important for Batman, IMO, because public Wayne, private Wayne and Batman should all be somewhat differently portrayed.
I chose Joe Manganiello. My second choice is Ryan Gosling. If Batman is going to be older, my choices would be Anson Mount and Jon Hamm. Anson Mount, Karl Urban, Richard Armitage, Jack Huston, Matt Bomer, should've been in the poll, Jensen Ackles should've been left the hell out.
This is interesting :hmm

Despite the surge in Joe M. talk, he only has 2 votes.

And despite how often the other actors show up, no votes, save Gosling.

Very interesting :hmm
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Damn, I knew I was missing somebody. But people can specify who they want.

That might be 7 votes for Bomer for all I know lol
I'm glad to see Manganiello in the lead with Gosling close behind
Joe is the dude right now, Gosling is right behind for me.
I'm still on my Evans kick. We'll see if that lasts through next week.

We're sure that Michael Keaton isn't coming back right? Teheheh...
None of the above.

David Giuntoli.





I think he really has a great look for it. This is obviously the most shallow way to do fancasting but I'm just having fun with it. I'd definitely rather the role not go to an already famous Hollywood actor, and I don't think it will.
David Giuntoli has the look, and the voice.



But does he have the acting chops?
I know it's the cliched choice at this point but I think Jon Hamm would be incredible as Batman. And at 42 he's the perfect age.
After the other thread I'm convinced Joe is the best option right now.
Luke Evans is my first choice.

Ryan Gosling is my second. If I thought he'd be willing to do it, he would be my first choice..

The other choices don't appeal to me at all. Especially the tall dudes. You can't have Batman tower over Supes. C'mon, people.
I wish we could choose our top 3 picks on the poll.

The results would be more insightful.
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