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The Dark Knight Rises Christopher Nolan is being interviewed live on 89.9 KCRW

Can't listen. At work atm. What's being touched upon in the interview? Anything we haven't already heard elsewhere?
It should be archived on the site (link) later, they usually upload it.
It's a good listen, he talks about his inspirations, pacing and certain choices in the film and common themes in all his films. My favourite part was the bit near the end about exhaustion.
Its a good interview, the guy doing it seems a little annoying though. I dont like how he said at the start though "This was recorded weeks ago before the shootings, while you decide if you should go see this movie or not" something about his tone and how he addressed that seemed off to me like he was thinking it was the films fault.

I dont know maybe im being too defensive or looking into it too much because im such a big fan but Chris was great and really interesting.

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