The Dark Knight Rises Clearing up the ending of TDKR (MUST READ)


Jul 9, 2012
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This is a link to a website I frequent. I found his explanation of the ending which clears up alot of the questions I've seen posted on here......

So the ending went like this...

Batman used the Bat to take the nuclear bomb out to sea to let it explode there so he could save Gotham City. Which would make people think he died but in reality he didn't because that one scientist told Lucious Fox that Bruce Wayne fixed the Bat himself 6 months ago so that's how the Auto-Pilot thing worked. Then we see James Gordon looking surprised because while the city was now hailing Batman as a hero by building him a statue, there was no purpose to owning a bat signal if there is no Batman to come. By leaving John Blake the coordinates to the Batcave and restoring the bat-signal, he was gesturing to Gordon that if ever the city needs Batman, he'll be there. It's obvious that he's looking around for Batman after finding it restored. We also see before hand ...Alfred, James Gordon, Fox & Blake at his burial an Alfred starts crying and saying that he failed bruce's parents in which in he didn't which he later found out.

Later on we see they left something for Alfred when they're dividing up Bruce Wayne's assets, they note that Martha Wayne's pearl necklace is missing. If you recall, there's a tracking device on it. I've read that it's implied that Alfred followed the transmission, leading him to that cafe in Italy. Only then he notices Bruce along with Selina Kyle at a table an gives him the head nod as if the image he had in his head from earlier in the movie were true because bruce came thru in the end an saved everything himself. Though to the public eye bruce was dead and so was batman until Gotham needed him again. Funny thing is most people forgot the device he gave to her to wipe her identity and crime records from the system entirely so nobody would know about her anymore.

Finally in the end we see Blake in the bat cave trying to figure that place out only then he steps on the platform which indicates... "The Dark Knight Rises".

If people ask you why or how can James Blake become batman himself without training ...the answer is simple an it came from when Ra's Al Ghul said this to Bruce in the Batman Begins movie....""The training is nothing, the will is everything. The will to act."

Let me know what you guys think :batty:
Great analysis. The autopilot was something I hadn't thought about.
For the last bit, Well Blake is probably just going to find folks to teach him how to fight and use the tools.
that read just made the ending a whole lot more better
I'd prefer if JGL not wear the suit but use it as a momento, I'd prefer he make the batman beyond suit or night wing suit
Agreed. Plus look at the deeper meaning of a "symbol": a symbol is a universal, unifying rallying point for hope and justice in a world wholly lacking in both. This is exemplified by Blake tossing aside his badge after being betrayed by the very people he associated his own ideals with. And Bruce sees in him an able and willing heir to the mantle throughout the film. Blake is driven by rage but not WHOLLY, rather his rage is funneled into and through a desire to simply do good for the people who can't otherwise do good for themselves. To give hope to those people who have none.
In my head, I'd like to think that maybe Blake DOES don the suit for a while... but should things get a little too crazy in Gotham, Blake will have a way of calling Bruce back to Gotham...

But I do love this analysis too and I also agree with it. :D
Everything is pretty much how I took the ending, except for the necklace part. I don't think Alfred would've tracked it. Instead I think it was just Bruce knowing Alfred would've been there given he went there every summer during Bruce's seven year exile prior to Begins.
Thanks for this. All stuff I had in my head as I thought, the film explained such but thank you or articulating this out. I hope it makes the ending clearer for people whether they liked it or not..
This helps a lot. :up: The necklace tidbit is especially nice.
Are you kidding me? And that doesn't have spoiler tags WHY? I know the thread has the word ending in it but still I think we're supposed to use tags for at least the first few weeks of the film being out.
How so few people understood this, after having hyperanalyzed the first two movies, befuddles me. Well done.
Nice write up. I forgot about the tracking device in the pearls.

I found that the fanboy in me was secretly hoping for a shot of the Robin suit. But then I realised it wasn't necessary - Nolan wants YOU to answer what happens next. Does Bruce ever return? Does Blake become Batman? Does he become Robin? Does he use the boys home to train a vigilante army in Batman's image?

These are the best endings to epic tales. Not endings where everything is neatly tied up and spoon fed to you.

I personally hope they NEVER sequel this storyline.
Are you kidding me? And that doesn't have spoiler tags WHY? I know the thread has the word ending in it but still I think we're supposed to use tags for at least the first few weeks of the film being out.

No - I've never been aware of any 2 week embargo. Keep spoilers out of thread titles. But thats it. It's the spoiler forum.
It's unfortunate that this thread is even necessary, but it is so thank you.

A lot of people are at the same time wondering if Bruce died and calling the movie a storytelling mess.

I guess Christopher Nolan overvalued average fanboys IQ and attention span...or maybe he just didn't care and didn't want the story to suffer by making it EVEN more clear what happened.
If the title has "Clearing up the ending of TDKR" in it, then it's that persons own fault for not using their brain, to avoid the thread.
The ending was perfection in my opinion. You can imagine Blake as Robin, Nightwing, Batman with a new suit. There's the option of letting it end right there in ur minds and with nobody touching this trilogy ever.

There's the other option of WB hiring another director for the "reboot" that can still be in the same continuity, a sequel pretty much, but without Bruce or Alfred, etc. With Blake as Batman or maybe not a "Batman" or "Dark Knight" movie but a spin-off.

Maybe this is why Nolan dropped out of the future role of "producer for the reboot". Maybe he wanted to make sure he hired somebody who will move forward with JGL's version and then heard from WB that they dont want to follow up that way. Maybe they told Nolan they just want another Bruce Wayne, especially for Justice League. Then he could of said SCREW IT, i wont attach myself in any future films, you guys do what u want for the reboot.
How so few people understood this, after having hyperanalyzed the first two movies, befuddles me. Well done.

Yea..People think this is Inception 2.0

Why would Alfred imagine Selina Kyle there with Bruce and not Miranda...if it was his imagination? The only woman that Alfred knew involved with Bruce was Miranda,  not Selina Kyle. It makes no sense to assume it was an imagination with Selina Kyle there. Bruce was alive!
Were people really that confused by the ending? I found it very easy to follow.
No, the drink Alfred consumed at the Starbucks in Florence was spiked by a ruthless waiter villain whose formula is an arousing induced toxin that simulates happiness thus creating an apparition of Bruce and Selina. Blake was actually inside an indoor water park at the end of the movie and he stepped onto a platform that allowed him to Rise to the top of a water slide which is a secret entrance to The Wayne Manor that is now known as 'Neverland'.
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Seems pretty spot on. Were people actually confused about the ending? I didn't see anything particularly ambiguous or challenging there.

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