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Days of Future Past 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

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Apr 9, 2005
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Since previous poll was posted before Days of future past was confirmed, with all the subsequent news of Bryan's comeback, all these original actors, 3D release and more, we needed a new poll to take into account all of this now.

So here it is:

Vote your worldwide prediction, and share your opinion on both domestic and foreign markets.
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I'm copying my post from the old thread! :D

My model is, and hear me out... the Fast and Furious franchise. In 2009 they made a slight comeback with the original cast and good box office ($155M domestic, $208M foreign). Those are numbers very similar to FC. Although FC didn't bring the original cast back together, it was sort of a return to form for the fans and generated some good will for the franchise. So then in 2011, Fast Five came out, built on the previous movie, and ended up with $210 domestic and $416M foreign (!).

I'm not super convinced that DOFP will suddenly send the X-Men franchise into the stratosphere because it has never broken out that far yet, but I do think it'll do very well. It also has a wonderful release date (The Dark Knight and the final Harry Potter film can attest to that). In these early stages, I would predict the following:

Opening weekend: $125M

Domestic (final): $300M
Foreign (final): $500M

Total: $800M!

I might be totally over-exaggerating, but foreign grosses have become ridiculous these days.
I think I kind of agree with your numbers too.

300 domestically is a possible number, if not more, Im sure it will get pretty close. But the main question is the foreign market. It could do 400, it could do 500, it could do 600... we just wont know how good it will do until July next year. But I strongly feel the international market will be the surprise number to many of us. In any sense, it could be really huge, or it could be not as good.

But I'd go with the first option, for sure.

This is not a normal x-men sequel, this is Fox's HUGE EVENT movie, so thats the key. An event like this wont work in a similar way to X3, it will do much much more, and lets not forget the 3D release this time.

Id be happy with $800m, that's a huge jump compared to all previous sequels, but if it ends doing more.... oh man... I'll be f**** crazy excited, lol

We'll find out next year :D
With the scale, scope, cast, hype, and 3D release, anything below $500m would be a massive embarrassment.

X3 made $459,359,555 world wide. This should easily crush that.
Hmmmm... I'm not sure about this but I voted for $700million! Its the 7th X-Men movie and should pass the $700mill mark! The release date of this film is quite good and I think this movie will have better legs than most of the X-Men films!

And with the international market, X-Men has no big competition at all, its probably the only major film that will come out in its 1st week of release. Then in the next 2 weeks, it will probably beat Hercules and Guardians of the Galaxy simply because X-Men is more well-known in the entire world. Plus 3D tickets are really expensive and it should bloat the box-office numbers!

$250 = Domestic
$450 = International
$700 = Worldwide!

700 sounds bout right. The 3D is gonna give them high foreign numbers for sure. Given a solid audience reaction it can do better then that.
With the scale, scope, cast, hype, and 3D release, anything below $500m would be a massive embarrassment.

X3 made $459,359,555 world wide. This should easily crush that.
I totally forgot to add in the fact that they have a fantastic release date. So yeah, anything below $500m is shameful.
They should also release this film in China and they should give this film an IMAX release. An IMAX ticket is quite expensive even if its just in 2D.
Tough to say. We haven't even seen a single frame of film yet. Capturing the GA's imagination with a trailer is the first step. A lot will depend on the quality of the film and I think The Wolverine may play a role in the B.O performance as well. What if The Wolverine completely fizzles out and turns people off, how will that affect DOFP? Will it? Right now, 550 - 650m sounds reasonable to me. Anything beyond that is pushing it at this point.
I need to see a trailer first.

I have a tad ambivalence about Bryan considering this string of weak films he's been making lately. But the X-Franchise will be a return to familiar territory that he's actually hungry for and I believe we are going to get a strong film out of him and a return to form. FOX is awesome at marketing so I'm not worried about that--just hoping the posters aren't utter crap like I've been seeing from the Wolverine film, etc. The photo-shop jobs for First Class were also abominations. I mean...what the hell happened to the people who did the posters for X3?

Once the trailer drops I'll be able to really answer this question because it's the trailer that will cinch it for audiences. Even though X3 wasn't the best film, the trailers were PHENOM. And that's why it performed so well at theaters.

Traditionally, X-Men films haven't had good legs after the opening weekends, so much will also have to do with how strong the storyline is and the word-of-mouth. If either (or both) are poor, expect this to be a very front-loaded seller.
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The posters of X3 weren't even amazing.

I want to see posters similar to X1 and X2 or Harry Potter.
The X3 posters were the last great set of promo for this franchise in my opinion. After that we started getting bad photoshop s***, like...James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender's faces floating in the crotches of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen's silhouettes. :rolleyes:

Lame. :down
I agree that a trailer needs to be seen first... just to make sure the time travel part doesn't look lame and a possible buzzkill.

But with the nostalgia factor, I think this will do well. It helps that there have been many years since X3. Instead of "they're making another X-Men move??", it'll be more "oh wow they got the original cast back together!!". Plus, Hugh has really increased his popularity/credibility and Jennifer Lawrence is really buzzy now. As a final topper, it'll be in 3D. It has to perform better than X3. And with X-Men movies trending towards doing 60% of their grosses internationally, the numbers are going to be pretty big.
Judging by the level of hype this film is getting so far, with the original cast coming back, the cast of First Class teaming up with the original cast, and 3D tickets. I'm pretty sure this should do well.

Even without seeing the trailer, I know its gonna be a massive $UCCE$$. Look at the Twilight series, their movies looked cheap but because of the buzz/hype, they did very well.
Well the hype so far is mostly limited to the message boards like this and the sites reporting movie news. Majority of the general public wouldn't even know this movie is getting made. Any real hype can only start when there's an actual movie to hype and actual footage for people to get excited about, so yes I agree with others about waiting for the trailer.
Early guess: 700 WW.
I also hope this movie will also land in the top 10 of the yearly box-office for 2014.

Origins and First Class didn't make it to the top 10, both domestic and international.
^ The combined star power of Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellan, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Pete Dinklage and Jennifer Lawrence should more than solidify this film's chances of being in the top 10 for 2014.

How does a film with three Oscar Winning Actresses fail? :coo:
^ The combined star power of Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellan, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Pete Dinklage and Jennifer Lawrence should more than solidify this film's chances of being in the top 10 for 2014.

How does a film with three Oscar Winning Actresses fail? :coo:

At the moment, I would only assume that Hugh, Halle, and Jennifer are box office draws. Ian and Patrick and maybe even Dinklage have a cult following. James and Fassy are doing great work (with Fassy in particular having lots of buzz), but they haven't had box office hits outside of genre movies.

All combined, they do bolster each others' star power, but the main draw is still the X-Men brand name, the familiar characters, the action/ effects, and finally... a few big name stars.
If X3 made almost 500m worldwide back in 2006, 8 years later this event movie, on 3D and with actors from both series will make much more than that, thats for sure.

And if the movie ends being really epic and intense, word of mouth will be a key factor to make it a great success.

None of us can know how far will it go, but less than 600m seems kind of unlikely, taking into account all factors.
I see only 7 films coming out next year making more money. Hunger games, Hobbit, Pixar movie, Spiderman, Transformers 4, How to train your dragon 2,and maybe a sci-fi movie
and maybe Jurassic Park 4.

But again, Im sure DOFP will be bigger than many fans think
We don't know anything about the film. It's too early.
we know the cast (Actors from both series), the storyarc is based on, and that it will have Sentinels.

Three key factors that will clearly have an impact on the general audience.
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