Days of Future Past 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

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Imagine if DOFP made less than First Class. That's the situation Spider-man is currently in.

DOFP should be close to the highest grossing X-men movie domestically and hands down the biggest X-men movie worldwide.

The franchise was successfully rejuvenated.

Why would anyone complain?


Yep. The X-franchise is in the best place it has been for years.
again, I dont buy at all this 'X3 and Origins hurt the franchise' as much as most fans think. I mean, this is the first movie with original actors since 2006, so its works somehow as a sequel to X3, meaning the audience hasnt had a real sequel before so we can compare the real impact after X3 reception. 8 years is a very long time to forget an old movie. The main issue here is all the actors are now more popular, both original and FC actors. Thats why I dont get this
You don't get it, but you're also rejecting the explanation that is pretty much the consensus?

The damage that X3 and Origins did was significant because it played out at the exact wrong time... when franchise fatigue was kicking into gear. After those two movies, it was pretty hard to justify to the entire movie-going audience why more movies were being made. The hardcore fans were obviously invested, but the ones that left had possibly left for good. The fact that DOFP brought a lot to the table was enough to entice many back but obviously not all.

The box office for this movie is a GOOD sign. The Spider-man franchise is a good example of a bad-case-scenario. It suffered from many of the same problems, but wasn't able to reinvent itself the way the X-Men franchise seems to have done.
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