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Days of Future Past Devolping Theory on DOFP


Jun 2, 2004
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Here Is theory on what could await us In DOFP

film begins In future showing new york In ruins.Sentinles are In sky.Kitty Is smuggling equipment out of city.She is stopped by punks.They discover she Is
mutant.She Is ended up saved by arrival of Wolverine.They go outside city to where a base Is for surviving Mutants.Bishop(Omar Sy) Is introduced among
few surviing mutants and there Is Xavier.Kitty was getting equipment from remains of Baxter building so they can begain phase 1 of their plan.

At Internment camp Magneto walks and Is forced to accept the ironary of despite all he did he has returned to place he was as a boy.Storm confronts him saying much that has happened Is his fault.Human looking Mystique comes to Magneto's side.Rogue and Iceman are also prisoners.Wolverine sends Kitty Inside to Inform them he and Bishop are working on jamming the inhibator.Kitty using device to protect her phases Inside and finds Storm.Mystique starts to revert back to blue form.Wolverine and bishop fight their way Intocamp.Sentinles arrive.Iceman creates Ice shield.Magneto with powers restored destroys a bunch of sentinles.Wolverine tells Storm they needMagneto.Rogue uses powers to knock Magneto out to ensure he will come with them.Bishop and Mystique carry Magneto.

Cut to 1973.The Us has pulled out of vietnam.The watergate scandal Is begining to cause headaces for the Nixon WHite House.And Mutants are begining to appear.Younger Xavier debates Boliver Trask(Peter Dinklage) on TV on mutants.At end of It he sees Younger Magneto In TV audence.He goes after him.Magneto tells him the humans are doing as he predicated.Xavier tells them war Isn't the answer.He warns Xavier to stay out of it or he could suffer more at hands of humans than simplying losing use of his legs.

Cut to future they are reunited with Xavier.He tells them he has been working on a desperate plan.To prevent this world.Saying everything they are living In was set In motion by the attack on washington In 1973.Xavier tells magneto both powers are needed to power this.

Cut back to 1973 time Is shown showing 1973 Mansion and how beast,Havok,and Banshee have changed since first Class.Beast talks to Xavier privatly.

Back In future Xavier and Magneto power machine which transports WOlverine and Rogue back In time.Xavier tells them It's only a matter of time before the sentinles are on them but they have to buy as much time as they can so wolverine and Rogue can complete the mission and are returned to present.

In 1973 Wolverine and Rogue have to work to get to new York.

Meanwhile the Brotherhood launches attack on government.Nixon authores new project to launch weapons against mutants headed by none other than Trask.Mystique In guise of Raven darkhome Is secretary of trask and begins to gather information.

Wolverine and Roue manage to get to mansion but Wolverine ends up In fight with havok and banshee while trying to see Xavier.Xavier finally stops this.Wolverine tells him and Rogue are from future.They don't believe him.WOlverine tells Xavier to read Rogue's mind.Xavier sees flashes of Brotherhood attacking Washington DC.Flashes from other X-Men films.Sentinles being construced and unleashed.The mansion being destroyed.Graves of many mutants.

Cut to future Kitty comes running to Storm and Bishop.She tells them sentinles are coming.Storm tells her to protect Xavier as long as possable.The rest of them will try to handle sentinles.

Back to 1973 Mystique tells Magneto what she has discovered.

Trask works on designs.

Wolverine,and Rogue train In 1973 mansion with Beast,Banshee,and Havok as they have to prepare to face Brotherhood.

Back In future mutants have final stand against Sentinles

Back In 1973 the brotherhood Is launching attack on Washington only now to face X-Men.Wolverine sends Rogue off.Wolverine and Banshee have to fight
Azarel.Emma turns Into diamonds and faces Havok.After fiece battle Azarel and Emma are defeated.Magneto gets ahold of Wolverine and proceeds to tear metal out of his body.Suddenly beats attacks removing helmet leaving him vulenable to Xavier's telephatic attack.Magneto uses powers to flee.Beast destroys helmet.Mystique morphs Into true form to kill Trask but Rogue appears and fiece battle occurs between them.Rogue defeats Mystique.

A short time later In aftermath a reconned version of opening scene of last last occurs with Xavier In wheelchair visiting 12 year old Jean Grey whose powers have manifiesed.Magneto also shows up trying to convince young Jean she would be better off with him.Xavier and Magneto have another debate.

Wolverine and Rogue return to future where they have prevented the rise of sentinles and Mansion Is back to where It was but discover other events have been changed.Both Cyclops and Jean are seen as alive.

The final shot shows a figure In darkness saying the time has come for the age of Apocalypse to beguin and figure Is briefly seen before credits role.It Is Apocalypse.

Just kidding, I just always wanted to post that. :oldrazz:

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