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Days of Future Past Fights you want to see

Aug 19, 2004
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For me, I want to see more team battles which FC had and I also want to see more 1-on-1 fight scenes which FC lacked of. So...

Group fights:
-Sentinels versus Magneto & X-Men (present-day)
-Brotherhood versus X-Men (1973)

-Wolverine versus 70s Magneto
-Mystique versus Rogue or Shadowcat
-Storm versus Quicksilver (if he's a brotherhood)

I cannot really think of fight scenes with the other characters because we are not yet sure on who will be the new enemies. But if Magneto, Quicksilver and Mystique are the only Brotherhood members in the 70s and all mutants are working together in the future against the Sentinels, I hope we at least see 1-on-1 action between a Sentinel and a X-Men.
I am not that keen on seeing Storm vs Quicksilver, it would be too much like Storm vs Callisto (who also had superspeed). Also, there isn't much someone like Storm could do against someone as fast as Quicksilver (I remember Northstar easily knocked out Storm in the comic story where they fought Alpha Flight). Unless Storm was in the air and out of the way of his speedy running!

Best way to defeat Quicksilver would be for a teleporter to appear at his destination and then knock him out as he slowed to normal speed when he arrived.
Future-X-Men+Magneto+New Mutants VS Sentinles
1973-X-men VS Brotherhood

I think Mystique will be assigned to kill target of Brotherhood's assassination
plan-Eather whoever Peter dinklage Is playing or Nixon.If Rogue or Kitty Join
Wolverine In time traveling I think her would stop Mystique.

It's possable the X-Men have to get through Quicksilver to stop Magneto.
Storm vs a super speed mutant again?? Please NOO!! lol

Give us something new.

Id even preffer Wolverine vs Pietro over Storm. And I definetly preffer Storm on the future, to fight sentinels in her full glory.

About the 70's.....

Mystique vs Beast (maybe, if done right and if needed)
Pietro vs Beast

and if Singer confirms Wanda doo: Wanda vs Wolverine + Beast + possible new x-men.
I'm not too fond of the Storm vs Quicksilver fight. Seems repetitive and wouldn't really be fun to see.

I'd like to see Storm vs Mystique that's a fight I've been waiting to see since the very first X-Men movie. In X-Men evolution they had a rivalry and they even fought in an episode. Storm won!! But yeah I'd love to see that on the silver screen. I think Halle and Jennifer will have enough on screen presence and chemistry to sell the rivalry. It was already hinted at in X2 that Mystique didn't like Storm in the control room and the way she says 'no' to Storm. I know it's subtle but it is something that could be developed.

Anyway here's the fight scene between storm and mystique in Evo:
yeah, I even saw that episode recently, since Ive started X-Men Evolution again, from the very beginning. (I need some x-men animation in this long wait for the movie, lol)
I wouldn't mind seeing a wolverine vs quicksilver

Sentinels v xmen/brotherhood

70s magneto v beast
Blink vs Mystique? Pink vs Blue?
Pietro vs Beast

Maybe they'll have a race on who can run the fastest since, you know, Beast can run fast a la X-men First Class...


I hope that's quickly forgotten and never brought up again. LOL
Ya know, if Logan really is the time traveler, I would LOVE to see another Wolverine/Mystique fight. Imagine the movies two biggest stars dueling it out? And dat JLaw. :atp:

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