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Comics Doesn't anyone else read Spider-Girl??


Oct 6, 2000
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A Spider-Girl update!

Alright folks, by now you guys should know that i'm a HUGE Spider-Girl fan, and the fact that i hear some people here really like the title, i look for post's to read about her, and there are none! So i decided to be the official Spider-Girl thread master! Because quite frankly, her title is just as good good, if not better, than her Dad's! So i'll do my best to keep those who like Spider-Girl informed, and hopefully, i'll get a little support and feedback from you guys out there. I'd appreciate anything anyone can give to this thread, and i'm not bias to anyone's opinions either. Although i look for postive feedback, i know to also expect some negative as well.

Ok guys, here it is! Come and get it!! And thanks for your support!

Oh yeah....

.....by the way, i'll be getting the latest issue today,
Spider-Girl #52. It's featuring Dark Devil, and the newly-revamped
Scarlet-Spider! So i'll get that to y'all a little later! Thanks again!

I'm starting to read Spider-Girl and I'm enjoying it. I went back to the beginning and I've worked my way up to issue#20. I can't discuss the current issues yet - maybe soon. I can discuss the whole concept though, if you like. Post again and let me know.

Oh, and take a look at my "starting a new ASM thread" post and let me know what you think.
I've been with Spider-Girl since the start and have to agree that it's always been consistently good. It was great to have it around when Howard Mackie was messing up the core Spider-titles, kind of an oasis in a spider-desert! I wasn't around in the 60s when Spidey was first published, but I can imagine that Spider-Girl is pretty close to how it was then, with a strong lead character surrounded by a great supporting cast. I collected the 13-issue Green Goblin series when Phil took over the glider and I'm glad to see him being used so well, along with old enemies such as Angel Face. I really got behind the title on the two occasions it was threatened with cancellation and do feel genuinely grateful every time I pick up a new issue. We've made 50 and I'm looking forward to 100 - You go, MayDay!!!
I've got almost every issue (missing about 6 or 7 in total). It's had it's moments where I've really enjoyed it, as a whole though I can understand why so many fans don't read it.

I mean you get characters changing personalities every issue. Like when Phil Became the new Green Goblin suddenly Normie and Phil were WAYYYYYYYYYYY too happy (calling eachother man, and dude and smilling like psycos). Characters should suprise us, but it seems like everycharacter getsa lobotomy every so often.

The whole clone saga was great! But I'm really not looking forward to trudging through another 10 or so issues of May asking herself "Should I be Spider-Girl?". I would have thought she'd have outgrown that by now! It really hurts the book when Spider-Girl plotlines go to the over-used cliches that made people turn away from the spider-man books.

Spider-Girl is a nice read, but I'm thinking a new writting/artist team is in order. I have nothing against showing off a bit of Silver-Age style in the book, but Spider-Girl needs something more than what Defalco and co seem to be able to give it.

I loved the Issue 51, because it was a change of pace. That and it really made me connect with the characters immotionally (something that is getting really hard under the current writter). It seems like every Spider-Girl issue is a continuation of a continueation, and I wears you down after a bit. I'm hoping that the book moves towards a slighty more "story arch" approach.

It's almost like Spider-Girl is living in a dreamworld sometimes. It's too "happy". Seems every character is nothing but a saint on the inside, and the villains are just there to be mean. I can't really pinpoint a tone for this book because it doesn't have one. It's fluff, you get the sense that no matter what happens, you KNOW everything is going to be happy at the end. After Crazy 8 dies, Canis lets the fake Spider-Man go instead of killing him. The villains don't seem real, because a real crime lord would do the type of thing we see the Ultimate Kingpin doing. Spider-Girl using the Glider when she had no powers. Felicity being a super hero at 14, she has no powers and even at peak human 14 there is no way that she could be a super hero.

(I may get flamed for this) I also think the self narration is getting annoying. Keeping it brief is better, every time we see May(or anyone else lately), she gives us a tirade of her thoughts. Sometimes you can understand a character more if they tell you less.

The art is another sore point, everything seems so stiff. The super hero battles and very unoriginal lately, and it just doesn't make the impression on me like other super hero battles. The art doesn't give the characters a sense of fluence or movement, I like that issue where May was fighting a super scrull because it made her look agile, in movement and so on.

Spider-Girl is said to be a book for all ages, but it shouldn't insult a persons intelligence like it's done more than once before. I think it has so much potential, but it's being handled extremely poorly.

WildThing is another PRIME example of how the MC2characters were poorly concieved. I don't really need to point out why.

If marvel had put the time, money and thought into MC2 that they put into the Ultimate Universe....

With the planning, budget and money that was put into MC2, let's just say that we're lucky to even have Spider-Girl at this point.

I'm not trolling for flames here. Just stating my opinion. But I enjoy a good discussion, so if I'm wrong don't just say I am, prove I am.

And post away!

Thanks Guys' ! :spidey:

I just got issue #51, and again- another GREAT issue! I really enjoyed how May struggle's to give herself credit for the good that she does, rather than dwell on the bad, just like Daddy! And i'm glad that Peter is sticking to his decision to re-retire, becuase it was TOO MANY Spiders' in this title, but i did enjoy seeing him redon the tights'- although we was unsuccessful in his attempt. And what the heck is up with Felicity!
She was really tripping about not hearing from May, or knowing if she was fully accepting her as her "partner". It was also good to see ol' DarkDevil as well, and i really like Kaine's character development, too.
The artwork was great, the way they had all the character's alter-ego's on the outer-panel was sweet! Again, this title is more reminiscent of the ol' Stan Lee/ John Romita Spider-stories, than Ultimate. So now we just have to wait and see who's May's next villian, and i hope it's not a recylced rehashed Spider-Man villian like Elektra! Oh yeah, i wonder what is gonna happen to Raptor when they brought her in that room with that one cat. I hope they don't make her turn bad again! We'll have to wait and see! And thanks guys' for your feedback, i appreciate it!

I read it. The last issue, #51, was really good. Awesome art, and a good story:)
I read it. Had it since issue 0, only missed one issue. Wanted to quite but came back when I heard they will reveal the true version of what happened before the reboot (this is how i think of it anyway). Now i'm hooked again but...i don't know...something is missed, maybe they need to take a break and bring in a new guy like someone said but that new guy better follow continuity or the main reason i have this book will be lost.
Thanks again guys' for all your responses, it is appreciated. I hear what a lot of you guys' are feeling with the characters, writing plots, storylines, etc.., but i have to disagree with the comment made about the art being stiff. I must say that like Pat's work on Spider-Girl, its' not flashy, or Kubert-esqe, but it has been consistent, AND- it fits this title fine for me. Again, this is how I feel, and i don't have gripe with anyone's personal opinion. I also agree that the battle scenes could be lot more drawn out, not so rushed, or refurbished. The writing team is fine IMO, there were times when stories seemed to drag on, and that's to be expected
when writing so many characters' in a book. But that's another reason why this book is so damn good, the supporting characters,
they all bring something to the table, and they also breathe fresh life into the stories when May is having a hard time juggling all her responsibilites as daughter of a fomer superhero, student, friend, budding superhero, and girlfriend!

Now i will admit that some of the character interactions can be dry at times, and as i said before- that's to be expected with a book with so many characters'. The last 4 issues have been great, and exemplify what a real good comic book is about: good story, good artwork, good characters', and how to tie-up loose ends. Well that's all for now, but keep on postin' your thoughts' and feelings, and long live Spider-Girl!:spidey:

Actually, the art has been improving a LOT since the titles conception. I dunno, I just wish we could get Spider-Girl in motion more, seeing her watching someone upside down from a celling or so on. So maybe it's more the angle the panels are drawn in that annoys me. I'd like to see SG being Spider like, the angles of the artwork seem repeditive, which sorta hurts the quality of the art overall. But then again that's just me.

Looking at some of the most recent issues (under the regular artist), it seems that what I just mentioned is being addressed, Good For Them!

My gripe about the characters is that there are SO many of them.
I like a rich supporting cast, but I just wish the book would focus on a select few at a time. You can't really "get" the supporting characters as well, cus they're all crammed into 1 issue every time. They have little time to actually progress and when they do it seems forced to me because they have to do it in like 5 panels each issue. 1 issue dealling with mainly Felicia/Felicity/Felicias lover(can't remember her name), would tell me a lot more about each respective character than having to jump around in one issue all the time. The characters opinions have to be stated FIRMLY because they have little time to do it. It just seems unrealistic to me.

Is Issue 54 out yet? Cus I only have upto issue 51 (I'm going to get a subscription, I don't know when my local comic store gets new issues in, and I'm broke currently)

The book seems to be going on an upward trend lately, most of the problems that plagued the book are being dealt with. It's still not living up to it's potential though (SOMETHING is missing, I think the book needs a new tone/pace/SOMETHING).

Contrary to what these posts may indicate I LIKE THE BOOK. I hope it doesn't get cancelled...:(
Spider-Gril is a great title and really the book that kept me reading during the Mackie-era, when everything was upside down.

Now I think the book needs a new direction and maybe a new creative team, Defalco and Oliffe are great for the book but I don't think it's wise to stay on the same title for too long.
I agree, being on one book for too long can tap out all your creative juices. I sort of think Defalco and co are having a hard time deciding what they want the over all direction to be of the book. Maybe they should let some new blood handle it or have some new people join the writter, opinions are a good thing to have and sometimes you only need someone who isn't you. When you stay so close to the product, you can lose touch with what it's really like to be a fan reading it.

but I haven't seen anything since issue 51 so maybe I'll be pleasantly suprised:D
Again, everything that you guys' are saying i'm in agreement with, BUT to a degree. Spider-Girl has the best supporting cast in comics, (that i read- so that is a biased comment!), but i think De Falco is doing a great job with this title. I think he knows that these characters are great, and really wants to establish them all, so in case May is going through drama, they fill in the blanks. Are there too many characters in this title? Maybe. I love 'em all myself, i'd like to see more Moose, and Dark Devil, and the have rationed Normie's time in the book as of late. Put it like this- if the book was more than 32 pages, it'd be enough room for them all to co-exsist!

Now to the issue of May's crimefighting, and i think this where they really need to step it up a bit.... i mean, she has more knowledge of her Spider-Sense than Peter, and the new ability to cling and discharge items with her hands! And i've kinda been diappointed that she hasn't been using all these aces up her sleeve, she should be kickin' major a-double-s! The Faces'?
Please! And i hope that De Falco doesn't let her get too down on herself, cause it can get a little too redundant, but it stays true to the Spider legacy. I want to see her flourish more as a crimefighter, and utilize her powers more.....other than that- LONG LIVE SPIDER-GIRL!!

My biggest problem with this title (and I'm only up to issue 20) is not Mayday but Peter. He seems like such an unpleasant, stick-in-the-mud middle-aged conservative that I don't even recognize him. And even MJ seems way too calm and accepting for her character. Its hard for me to relate to the two of them. I'd hate to think that Peter would go though all that he's experienced and suffered only to turn into someone I don't even like.
Originally posted by Nicholas
My biggest problem with this title (and I'm only up to issue 20) is not Mayday but Peter. He seems like such an unpleasant, stick-in-the-mud middle-aged conservative that I don't even recognize him. And even MJ seems way too calm and accepting for her character. Its hard for me to relate to the two of them. I'd hate to think that Peter would go though all that he's experienced and suffered only to turn into someone I don't even like.

This exactly is my biggest problem too, he really doesn't feel like
'our' Peter at all. Still it's a pretty good title although I never
been a big DeFalco fan, if they'd only get Peter's characterization
to work I'd be much happier.
Maybe it's time for some cosmic threat that will send the whole MC2 universe into turmoil?
Originally posted by Nicholas
My biggest problem with this title (and I'm only up to issue 20) is not Mayday but Peter. He seems like such an unpleasant, stick-in-the-mud middle-aged conservative that I don't even recognize him. And even MJ seems way too calm and accepting for her character. Its hard for me to relate to the two of them. I'd hate to think that Peter would go though all that he's experienced and suffered only to turn into someone I don't even like.
I was trying to reply to the comment about the MC2 Peter Parker, but it didn't post! So i guess i'll take it from the top again,
just put yourself in Peter's shoes, you were the Amazing Spider-Man, since you got your powers' you've been misunderstood, and all you've ever tried to do was the right thing. Due to your duel lifestyle, your life can never havea normal life, you never had much money, you're a young husband AND father, plus you've got major enemies that want you dead, the Green Goblin for one, AND
let's not forget you've been cloned...? With me so far? In the fight of your life, you nearly escape death, BUT you lost a leg instead, and you're forced now to lead a normal life raising your baby girl, and make up for lost time with wifey-poo, (all things considered). I don't think i don't have go any further do i? I think Peter is doing just fine considering all the aboved mentioned, and that ain't the half of it either! So you can't blame him for being so conservative, and wanting to be a little protective of his family. Well that's just i feel, what do y'all think? Are these points valid?
Holla Back.........

One more thing.....

.....i've really enjoyed Mary Jane's character, too. She's the rock in the Parker household, i mean come on- she had to put herself second after the last battle with the Goblin, to take care of Peter after losing his leg, and raise her daughter as NORMALLY as possible. So she gets my respect! :spidey:

For me Spider girl reality is the actual present, everything I read since the begging of clone saga that is an alternate timeline.

I always thought that marvel characters should get older just like Love and Rockets and Strangers in Paradise comics and have a closure like mangas.

Well that way (at least for me) all that 1960´s,70´s and 80´s stories are the past of spider girl father.
Originally posted by Travelling Wave
So, in the MC2 Universe Peter and MJ never separeted, right?

Well this is picking up the pieces BEFORE the re-launch of the now current Spider-Man issues. The events that followed after the "Gathering of Five" story arc, so i guess the answer is no, because MJ and Peter never separated in the regular continuity- to my knowledge. Can someone check that out to makes sure? Thanks.

Now you've REALLY got me confused as to what constitutes the "regular continuity." Is that what's going on in ASM? And aren't Peter and MJ separated?
They are, they are. But Spider-Girl picked up before the re-boot, after the clone saga ended.

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