Comics Doesn't anyone else read Spider-Girl??

Yeah issue 51 rocked. I doubt he could handle the large cast of Spider-Girl in each issue though, so he'd have to focus on a few at a time. But I LOVED that issue! It made me connect with the characters again! Now an entire issue focusing on a sole character is unrealistic in the long run, but I think he could handle to human element extremely well! My ONLY beef about the art was that Spider-Girl didn't quit look right to me. BUT (before you all think I'm a black hole of negativity...) I loved how he drew everything besides that battle between spidey/Electro-girl. May looked great! She wasn't a bombshell, nor was she one of the marvel ctoken civilians, she was Mayday parker and that was REALLY cool. I loved the hair and such, she just seemed SO cool! (Yeah I'm a guy but This isn't hormones speaking people:D )

I guess I'm losing touch with the characters because it's like... Oh well just think about me earlier post of brain transplants. That and we whenever you get their inner thoughts, it's more of a summary of the thoughts dumbed down (for the regular writter), we don't get a really personalized thought thingy and that sorta makes you less likely to identify with the characters. Issue 51 was personalized up the yin yang! I got a real sense of the people in the book, not the Characters or the Super-Hero people.

Yeah that was an ADD moment for sure. Anyway I agree with that previous person about who would be a good choice for writting.

We're Almost at what now? 50 posts? Sweet! Not bad for a series that's almost been cancelled!

I seem to see a lot of Spider-Man # XX Reviews on the board, how about we start doing Some Spider-Girl # XX Reviews eh?

I found a pretty decent Spider-Girl Fan-Art Picture, Want me to post it?
WOW you guys! When i started this thread, i thought it would've been dead in 4 hours of me puttin' up here! But here we are- 51 posts later, and still moving strong! I really do appreciate everyone's thought's and feelings' about one of my, (excuse me- one of OUR :D), favorite comic book heroes! So i'd like to thank everyone for your support, "THANK YOU!" And yes, PLEASE bless this thread with any pictures of our favorite webstunner, this is HER thread, right?! Handle it Zenien! Issue 53 will be comin' soon,
so lets' be ready with OUR Spider-Girl review board! Thanks again guys', i'm gone..........

OK FROM NOW ON I AM NOT GOING TO BRING UP ANY OF MY ISSUES WITH SPIDER-GIRL! Heh, I've repeated myself anyway and when you get down to it I am nit picking the series. GREAT SERIES! ONly one I collect Regularly besides Exiles!

Go Spider-Girl!

Oh yeah the SG art, It'll be up soon! In the Mean-time if anyone has some neato picture of SG, Post em!
I love how this thread is so positive (My earlier posts where fuelled by pent up grumbling about the series, this being the first chance I had vent them, thanks for not freaking out people).

That Being said here's a neato piece of Spider-Girl Art!

...I can't post pictures...anyone that can tell me how to post them properly?
I've never posted art, so I can't help you. When is the next issue coming out anyway?
The next issue of Spider-Girl is in another week, i believe, and i'm sorry guys', i can't be of any help on getting pics' of Spider-Girl up on this thread....NO SCANNER! Plus- i don't know how to put pics' on these threads. But yeah, this has been a VERY postive thread, and i'm happy about that. Not that i don't mind constructive critism, i'm a realist, and i know that everybody is not gonna love this book like some of us. Alright gang, that's all for now! Lata........

Okay... I live in Sweden and I get my comics shipped from Stockholm (I live in Gothenburg) every month. That means that they wait until all the tiltles I've ordered arrives before shipping. Therefore I have yet to recieve Spider-Girl 52. Is it any good?
Originally posted by Travelling Wave
Okay... I live in Sweden and I get my comics shipped from Stockholm (I live in Gothenburg) every month. That means that they wait until all the tiltles I've ordered arrives before shipping. Therefore I have yet to recieve Spider-Girl 52. Is it any good?

In regards to issue 52, yeah bro, it was VERY good! I won't spoil it for you, but if you MUST KNOW- then go to the first page of this thread, and you'll get the low down! If you can wait, then i applaud you! Holla Back!

I don't know about issue 52. It was ok, surprisingly, i bought 51 thinking i would hate it but i loved it, then i bought 52 thinking i would love it but well....



I wasn't to excited about reading up on falicity having her day dreams. I guess it was ok though...but something feels missing. I don't know...more action or something, this is a superhero book.
I just hope the title survives long enough for us to see May graduate, start College, get a job and even, dare I say, get married.

Hey, whatever happened to May's gig over at the Daily Bugle?
Originally posted by Travelling Wave

Hey, whatever happened to May's gig over at the Daily Bugle? [/B]
Good question! It was cool to see old man Jameson
in the Spider-Girl cast briefly, but i was wondering the same thing. Maybe it was after she dropped the ball on that Iron Fist story, when Jameson had her on an assignment, and she didn't have clue on how to take any pictures! Anyways, i'm glad she hasn't beed associated with the Bugle anymore, it was pretty foul how Jameson praised Spider-Girl's heroics', (not knowing that her dad was the man he blasted in his paper for YEARS!), and always hated Spider-Man. Talk about a slap in the face!! And Felicity was trippin' out in issue 52, i wonder what angle they're goin' with that one, huh?! But as far as the missing element in that ish, i don't know, could it be that they're beatin' around the bush telling May the WHOLE truth about the 'Clone-thing"?? That Kaine is a clone of her Dad, that Ben Reilly was a clone of Peter as well, and just get it over with so this book can move forward?? LOL! I don't know, you guys be the judge! I'm ready to read some more fabulous Spider-Girl stories, and watch her become a SUPERSTAR in the Marvel Universe!
Oh Yeah!

Finally got my comics yesterday and that meant Spider-Girl 52, my very first read of the day (it's strange how you manage to read 8 comic books within an hour or less).

I thought it was a pretty good issue. What really struck me was the neat page designs. Seems like someone wants to prove he's the "ultimate-Spider-Girl (no pun intended)-artist" after all.

All in all a good read. Now bring on 53!


I think this is look Spider-Girl will probably have in a couple of years (say like early 20's or late teens).

I have one of my friends working on a Spider-Girl FanArt Pic wich is actually turning out pretty cool. It's Like the cover Of Torment 1 of 4. The comic done by McFarlen with the lizard and that topless girl. It had Spidey suspended by a bunch of webing, anyway the Spider-Girl verson my friend is doing is basicly the same except she's poising just a little bit.

Oh yeah if you can't see the picture, right-click and hit "show Picture", that should help.

And If that doesn't work, here's a direct link...

I've found another FanArt Of Spider-Girl that I think is even better (depends on what you look for I guess), I'll post it after this one gets some comments...


I hate when i can't see the picture!!!:hulk: But i'm sure the pic is tight, but why can't i see it?!! (LOL!) Hopefully we'll be able to see the next one you post, so please, POST ON ! 63 posts guys', lets' keep it going!!

- :venom:BSM
Hey Hopefully this will get your attention seeing as I JUST posted the Direct link in my previous post!

I'll delete this one after you reply cus it's just a notice to get your attention!

That's so cool. Looks like an adult Spider-Girl. Awesome! Follow the link. Funny thing, sometimes I can see the picture on this page, sometimes I have to take the link 'cause it won't show. Still a great pick!
Zen, dogg!! MAAAN! That pic is AWESOME, very Mcfarlane-esqe, and yes- she looks very mature. I also peeped that symbiote Spidey pic too! You know, i love the old symbiote-Spidey days, and that pic was too SWEET! To bad we can't get that Spider-Girl pic in our thread, if you can, please do so! Great pic! :spidey:

Gives you a little taste of how the series might turn out if it lives long enough.
Yeah I thought it looked pretty neat!

Anyway you people want the other one?

I'm not sure wich one is better, each one is really good in their own way so I guess it comes down to your personal tastes.

Oh yeah! I'm going to be picking up issue 52 and 53 this weekend or next weekend. I know I'll get 53 for sure, so I'm thinking I might do an official review on with a rating system and everything.

Oh by the way FYO! I went to a comic review site and it had an official rumor (meaning official as in it's VERY likely).




2 words... one name...: Ben Reilly

Now that that's out the way I present to you the 2nd peice of Spider-Girl Art I've found...


Now I totally dig the pose she's in. The legs look great to. Depends on what you look for, both og them seem top notch in my opinion.

so...WHAT does everyone else think?

...mine keeps comming up as this stupid "hosted by tripod" thing...
So yet again, here's the direct link!

Kinda cool. I like the small eyepieces. but it looks a bit... Dunno... Water colours.
Well I like water colors so NAH!

Seriously though it all depends.


IT CAN'T DIE OUT!!!!!!!!!!
Hey guys, never fear, the Sensational Blaque-Spiderman is here! Did i hear that this thread is dying?? Well now, i guess i'd better spray on a fresh coat of webbing for good measure! But before i do, i just want to give your art piece its' props' Zen. I'm an artist myself, so i respect everyone's creative influences! Now moving to some new stuff..... Do you guys' see May hooking up with Brad in future issues? And here's something else i pondered on as well,
when May was visiting Courtney Duran in the hospital, during her comma, did anyone else notice that she was talking about her latest adventures as Spider-Girl, prior to her awaking? I think they may reveal that she knows that May is Spider-Girl in later issues to come- maybe. As far as Felicity is concerned, i don't really she her staying on as a regular cast member of this comic. My reasons for saying that is, she's a problem child, and i'd really hate to see May have to babysit her a$$ half the comic. I hope they don't add her on as regular because i'm a bit tired of these "new" Spider-people invading this comic, and it's time to close the book on the Clone saga and concentrate on Spider-Girl.

Oh yeah, i do see Normie and May gettin' together! Watch! But why do i have the feeling that Normie might go loco again, and become the Goblin one more time? And i wonder what's in the future for Raptor? And why do i see her being killed or something? I do think that this cast might be getting reduced in issues to come, people might start to fade out, like maybe JJ, (a.k.a. the Buzz), and i never liked Phil Urich as the new Goblin. What now? 1 more week for Spider-Girl? Van Dame!!! But chew on that guys', and add your thoughts!

Hooking up with Brad...I hope not!

I dunno I've never really like the whole "Should I be with Brad or JJ?" thing May has had going on. I'd much rather see her with Normie.

Reason is that I think it's more interesting for the comic fan. Plus I mean they do already like eachother. Something about it though strikes me as funny. Like May said a few issues back after she almost kissed Normie.

"What was that about girl? Normie? Oh man dad would freak if you ever brought an Osbourne home!"

I just like the dynamic between the 2 of them. With Brad or JJ it's like "should I choose vinilla brand a or b?"

With Normie, you have years of rich backstory pertaining to the 2 of them. Call it weird but I sorta like the idea even more because they have a sizable age difference. Ok I'm not like that at all when it comes to relationships, I like to be the same age roughly right. But it's just another layer that can be played off of if Tom D ever does make them a couple.

Normie is 23 I think...
May is what now, 17?

I'll look up my back issues of Spider-Girl because I know they do give you the direct age difference somewhere...

Besides they just seem a lot more compatible to eachother than say anyone else in the book. It would be great if they did get together, I'd love to see everyones reactions!

Well unless everyone is all undertsanding. "Oh, well Normie is a nice boy..." type of take would ruin it.

I'd like to have Pete get his webbing in a naught over it! Normie is still in psycotherapy to. So it's so weird it would work a lot better than a stereotipical relationship between May and JJ/Brad.

God Bless You Blaque Spider-Man! Bless You!
(That part in the movie was funny, just so Super-Man!)

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