Comics Doesn't anyone else read Spider-Girl??

I haven't chime in with my thoughts on the latest issue of SSG so better late than ever.
I'll keep it brief:


Issue #3 was superb work by Tom D, Ron and Sal with a brutal fight between Mayday and Tombstone. Ouch!
As for Gwen Reilly, excuse me, Connie Frederickson aka Connie know there have been a lot of Goblin babies this decade......

Spider-Girl Related News:
Amazing Spider-Man Family #8 will be on sale Wednesday, two weeks after Issue 7 was released.
Spider-Girl fans will get their fix a little early.

Other news Ron Frenz honored:
Artist Ron Frenz was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the ToonSeum at its annual fundraiser on June 5, 2009. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the ToonSeum is a museum whose mission is to celebrate the art of cartooning and to promote a deeper appreciation of the cartoonists and their work through hands-on workshops, community outreach, cartoon-oriented educational programming, and exhibitions or original cartoon art.
A veteran comic book illustrator and storyboard artist for animation, Mr. Frenz is best known for his work on Ka-Zar, Amazing Spider-Man, The Mighty Thor, Thuderstrike, Superman, Avengers Next and He-Man And The Masters of the Universe. He is also currently drawing The Spectacular Spider-Girl and The Black Knight for Marvel Comics. The award was presented by Tom DeFalco, a former editor in chief of Marvel Comics and a frequent collaborator of Mr. Frenz. DeFalco hailed Frenz as “a brilliant co-plotter, an unparalleled visual choreographer, a terrific artist and an all-around nice guy.”
Did Spider-Girl Save The Amazing Spider-Man Family?

I understand from Marvel sources that the addition of Spider-Girl to the bi-monthly Amazing Spider-Man Family has boosted sales enough to save the title from cancellation, and indeed, the title has sold out at distributor level.
Expect Marvel to relaunch the anthology title using the abandoned title Web Of Spider-Man in the near future, including stories about the alternate-future prodigy of Peter Parker and Mary Jane.
Which will make a good print home for all those Marvel digital comics Spider-Girl stories as well.

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