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Dogma is so underrated.

Aug 30, 2004
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I'm almost done with it (like 1:30 hours in), and it's been a while, probably like 2 years.

Wow, what a great movie.

Everyone does a great job, the 'Fleck is just awesome in this.

Alan Rickman, how did he not get an Oscar nomination for this is beyond me.

George Carlin? Jason Lee? Matt Damon? Salma Hayek? Fantastic.

I even think Linda Fioerntino, who apparently had some problems with KS, did an amazing job, she just appears so sad sometimes, totally in-character, and I love watching her cry (well, not really, but you get it)

This movie even manages Chris Rock not only to be tolerable, but actually funny.

Dialogue and Viewaskew references? Hey, I love Kevin Smith movies, no need to get into that :up:

Action wise, it could have been better, although I do love the (as IGN once put it) Avengers-style melee at the end, but most than anything....the story.

You believe Rufus when he's talking about Jesus, how nice he was and all.

You feel sorry for Jesus being told all that while he's only 12, when, as Metatron puts it, all he wanted to do was play with other kids, and how much it hurts his Father to not be able to tell him Himself.

You feel so sad for Loki and Bartleby and their reason to do everything that they did.

How Man screws up so bad sometimes, doing horrible things in His name.

And that basically you just need to have faith, not fight over who has the best religion :up:

I'm missing a lot of stuff, but jeez, there's just so many things to talk about.

This is probably my favorite Kevin Smith movie now, I fracking love it :up:
Mine too. I watched it last month as I do every Easter (that's about as much of a religious tradition as I observe), and it was still so funny. A very witty film.

....I also watch Die Hard every Christmas. :)
Yeah, very witty, but also, very touching.
Those scenes with God and Metatron at the end (God cleaning everything up, kissing Jay and then smiling, healing Bethany and Metatron's way of telling her she's pregnant, etc)....they always make cry a bit :)

And what Rufus says about Jesus..."The Man was right about you...now i'm gonna go home and tell Him so" ... Classic :up:

Other than the "weird" (I like them a lot, actually) elements like Jesus being African-American, the existence of a 13th Apostle, etc, Dogma is a VERY touching and sweet tribute to God, Jesus and Faith in general.

It just sickens me that some religious groups tried to dismiss this as heretic or whatever (some of them without having even seen the movie).
Jeez, get a sense of humor please :rolleyes:
I liked it when it came out. Repeated viewings have not held up, at least for me
It's a good movie for sure but I was expecting it to be better the first time I saw it.
It's certainly a cult classic. I haven't seen it in awhile, all this talk has me wanting to see again soon.
One of my favorites, I watch it now and then on dvd
Defenitly a GREAT GREAT movie. Even the **** monster works:o

I wish some of the deleted stuff could have remained in like Azrael explaining the nature of hell and everything. Jason Lee(along with everyone else) was complete genius in it. And Smith is right it is a damn shame the cast didn't get recognized more. And Affleck is right that the movie should have gotten recognized more.

...Mallrats is underrated.
To be honest, i've never seen Dogma. Is it worth a gander?
venom4life said:
To be honest, i've never seen Dogma. Is it worth a gander?
It's good for a few chuckles... I mean, it's got George Carlin in it as a bishop, so how can it be bad, right?

It's nothing spectacular, but it's worth seeing.
GoldGoblin said:
^In a interview with Jay Leno he said he hated it.

You should learn sarcasm. Or look into something before stating things.
All Kevin Smith flicks are underrated. Even Jersey Girl. Yes.... That's right. Even Jersey Girl.
Jersey Girl,Dogma,you guys must be Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck.
GoldGoblin said:
^Jersey Girl,Dogma,you guys must be Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck.

You...have never seen the films.

Don't tell me....Whedon is God, right?
I saw Dogma,and half of Jersey Girl,couldn't even finish watching that one.Mallrats,Clerks,and Chasing Amy are great movies,but Dogma and Jersey Girl are horrible movies.

And for Whedon,Firefly and Serenity sucks,but Buffy is pretty good.

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