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Guardians of the Galaxy Drax The Man on the Sax: a Thread for the Destroyer

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Purple Kang, Purple Kang
Jul 1, 2004
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Who should play Drax?
The Rock is my choice also Conan Stevens could be good.
Gerard Butler....if he can get back into shape.
1. Vin Diesel
2. Joe mangianello
3. Terry Crews
I can definitely get behind Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for Drax. He would be absolutely perfect, particularly if they give Drax his original character arc and motivations. Out of all of the Guardians he has the most relatable back story, which would give Johnson a lot to work with.
Yup. Dwayne keeps saying he wants to play a superhero and this is the one Marvel character that's tailor-made for him.
Jason Momoa, or Joe Manganiello?
I want to see Joe is SOME superhero role.
Joe was Flash Thompson, the greatest hero ever.
That movie ain't gonna happen

LOL! I tend to agree but as of right now, it's moving forward and The Rock confirmed he wants in. But yeah, I doubt that movie ever makes the light of day.
Well, this movie being the hardest sell for Marvel so far, they need SOME big name recognition, so for me, Vin Diesel is perfect. Especially if they go with the modern Drax, who wasnt to far from Riddick anyway.
Come on man, Vin Diesel? Get out of town.
Joe is actually my 3rd cousin, so I appreciate everyone wanting him to play drax :p
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