Ed Norton skips publicity??

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Nov 1, 2005
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Mods close if this is already out there, didn't see it though:

Link: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,365840,00.html

Incredible Sulk? Edward Norton Skips 'Hulk' Publicity

Friday's premiere of "The Incredible Hulk" should prove big box office numbers, but not with any help from star Edward Norton.
Norton, I'm told, has slipped off to a desert island rather than do publicity for the movie he stars in and nominally wrote.
I say nominally because there's been a dispute right along about who did what on "Hulk." The screenplay is credited to "X-Men 3" writer Zak Penn, who definitely wrote the original draft and mapped out the movie.
But wasn't it only last July 2007 that Norton boasted of writing the screenplay at Comic-Con, the convention for people who trade comic books and associated materials? Uh, yes, he did.
I'm told that Norton did substantially rewrite the Penn draft, added lots of dialogue, and worked on the character of the Hulk's alter ego Bruce Banner to make him more human.

But Norton fell out with Marvel and Universal and declined to do much publicity. This left the bulk of it to co-star Liv Tyler.
Interestingly, Norton is not signed to do the typical two sequels to this "Hulk," although Tyler is and so, I'm told, is director Louis Leterrier. The reason for Norton holding out is likely a money issue. Could he be replaced in future versions? Undoubtedly, although that would be a shame. He's terrific as the un-jolly green giant.
Meantime, some Web sites like Cinematical have noted that Universal is using Robert Downey Jr.'s surprise appearance in "Hulk" as Tony Stark aka Iron Man in their TV commercials. Downey's presence was supposed to be a big twist at the end -- so much so that I kept it out of my review the other day. But I guess that Marvel and Universal want to capitalize on "Iron Man"'s huge box office.
So then the question is, will the "Iron Man" and "Hulk" sequels include a crossover by each character? Only Stan Lee knows the answer to that one.
It would suck if Edward Norton didn't come back for a sequel. :csad:
All you have to do is take a look at your source material. It's Fox News spinning as usual.
Norton 'Not Snubbing' Hulk Interviews
From wenn.com | See recent WENN news
12 June 2008 9:03 AM, PDT

The Incredible Hulk star Edward Norton has denied reports of a rift with the director and studio behind the new comic book movie, after he failed to take part in promotional duties for the film.

Norton has been plagued by rumours of bust-ups with filmmaker Louis Leterrier and Marvel Entertainment, but he insists disagreements are all part of the creative process.

But as the film prepares to hit movie theatres on Friday, the actor is a notable absence from the talk show circuit, leaving TV appearances to co-star Liv Tyler.

However, the actor's representative insists there is nothing unusual about Norton turning down interviews - because he never gives them.

His spokesperson tells the New York Daily News, "Edward never does that kind of thing - that's not him."

Marvel can not afford to recast in sequels especially the main actor. Please Marvel dont become WB & DC :(
well its here guys tih is out.

& it looks like the movie is already bootlegged in full but **** that I am seeing it Sunday on the big screen the way a movie like this is meant to be seen go to hell bootleggers
****, it already is yes. A cam version.
Meh... I never thought Norton was going to have any long term comittment anyway. I am preparing for a recast or a minor role in Avengers, where Hulk either comes in the beginning or toward the end. Especially if Thor is a hit. You can sort of gear the story toward other characters instead of the Hulk.
Norton has done some publicity for this film with appearances and being on that moviephone unscripted. I dont think there is a rift going on.
He has been promoting the film. Close.
He appeared on MTV Awards with liv Tyler, he´s done interviews on the premiere and for a lot of media outlets, he even did a sketch for the Jimmy Kimmel show. This is just media bashing. And on Fox News...
He has been promoting the film. Close.

Yeah, just yesterday I was watching him on a Myspace TV promo.
Saw the report on the news last night and then looked that article up online. Hopefully that second article posted by Flawless Victory is more accurate.

So you lucky bastards that saw it last night were you pleased? Very much looking forward to going to see it.
Got to see this Monday, and I'll watch it again this weekend. You'll have a good time.
All the cast is signed up for three films. Leterrier was only signed up for this one and will be signed up for a future sequel if it gets the go-ahead, directors are rarely offered three film deals, it always is one film.

Don't worry about Norton, it is just the media make false assumptions to make a good story.
Yeah when I saw this reported last night it was a little like WTF this again? So I came here to see what was being said.
hopefully alot of this and the Favreau stuff is just the media blowing it out of proportion.

I saw that Kimmel skit, it was good stuff very funny.

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