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Oct 24, 2004
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This looks like it could be the best ep so far, it seems like the dark archer is named Sagittarius, I just hope they don't kill him off straight away. Apparently this is also a Christmas ep but there's nothing festive in the promo.
Looks good. Will this be the last episode of the year?
The title reminded me of The Long Halloween.

Sagittarius.... pretty cliche but hey it look cool.
He has a list & hes checking it twice. The Arrow knows whos been naughty & not nice. The Arrow's coming to town
Looks great.

A little surprised that their big break in season end finale wasn't the end of the huntress arc. I guess they thought this dark archer thing was better, lets hope so :) Can see a cliffhanger coming on though.
I wouldn't mind a scene between the dark archer and Meryln. Kind of forshadow things.
I hope Jan 16 is the date for Arrow's return and I know Nikita's return date will be Jan 18.
I'm liking this ep. More Deathstroke, more Felicity (seriously, yowza :hrt:) and some VERY cool dialogue between Quentin/Ollie. AND an actual nod to the "Green Arrow" moniker! That was great.

POLICE CHIEF: What do you think, Oliver?

OLLIE: I think "the Hood" needs a better codename than "the Hood" or "Hood-guy".

MERLYN: I agree. How about... "Green Arrow"?

OLLIE: Lame.

I :hehe:'d
I'm glad they are making Det. Lance an actual good guy in this since he wasn't willing to just blame the Hood anyways.

I actually like the way Laurel and Ollie are playing out. They aren't doing a huge will they/won't they. It's just them finding a new foundation for their relationship. Same with him and Thea.

Dark Arrow is obvious so I'm glad they didn't play it out and I'm glad they didn't kill Walter right off.

Thousands of people will die? What is he going to eradicate the poor people in the Glades?

Best line was Ollie: Merry Christmas.
Felicity: I'm Jewish.
The last 12 minutes were the best. Definitely can't wait to see more GA/Merlyn - loved Merlyn's line of seeing who was the better archer.
Fantastic episode all around.


Just good stuff.
I think he means Deathstroke...
that's what I figured, I just wasn't sure if there was a brief shot of him during the trailer for when the show comes back, my dvr stopped recording halfway through that.
Making Tommy's father Merlyn the Magician has completely turned me onto the show (especially since it was predictable--they showed him fencing last week, and it was obvious Tommy was never going to make a good villain). It began with the two Huntress episodes but now I am pretty much committed to it.

So glad it has course corrected itself in the past few weeks.

Did you guys catch all the comic book and superhero references? Here are the ones I saw:

Detective Lance tells Ollie to meet him at the intersection of O'Neill Street and Adams Avenue, a clear reference to Denny O'Neill and Neal Adams, the famed Silver Age writer and artist for Green Arrow and Batman.

Merlyn the Magician's hostage video is shot almost exactly like the Joker's in The Dark Knight.

Ollie calling Diggle to come pick him up after he is wounded by Merlyn is shot almost exactly like Batman calling Alfred to come pick him up in Batman Begins after he is poisoned by Scarecrow.

The shot of Ollie leaning on the cane is almost exactly like the shot of Bruce leaning on the cane in The Dark Knight Rises.

I assume there were numerous more meta-references, did anyone else catch any other ones?
that last about the dark knight rises might just be a coincidence, I don't know if the movie was even released while they were filming this. could be wrong though, I don't know how early or close to the release date they shoot television episodes.
Yeah I caught a lot of those and last week had some too. Helena's "does it come in purple?" like Bruce's "does it come in black?" to Lucius in Begins. Or when Digg called Ollie and Ollie responded with "War." The same "War." Batman says in TDKR!
definitely a lot of TDK Trilogy type scenes tonight, but it was awesome
Now that was quite a mid-season finale. Great episode with plenty of easter eggs. After the Huntress episodes, they get back on track with the List and the island flashbacks.

Glad to hear the Green Arrow name, yet Oliver may or may not consider it. His relationships with others have been solid thus far, especially with Thea.

Walter got too close so they had to knock him unconscious for Moira's sake.

Felicity Smoak has become this show's equivalent of Chloe Sullivan as she should be in on Oliver's secret and become part of his team with Diggle.

The fight between Arrow and Dark Archer was good, along with Deathstroke and Yao Fei.
I'm pretty sure Felicity is going to end up leading the Applied Sciences Division once it's finished. Plus that dude on the list is going to get killed so his job will be open. lol

Anyone else notice that Ollie's club and the Applied Science building are both being referenced about their completion alot?
I think if/once Ollie figures out that Dark Archer/Merlyn the Magician is Tommy's father, that's going to be one of the real kickers. Very interested to see where they take Merlyn Sr.'s character. He's already a grade A *****e, but can he be a real arch-villain?

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