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Fantastic Four costume thread

if that announcement photo is an indication of the retro look their going for we might be getting something more like this...

i thought it was much better than any of the previous live action iterations fwiw

Reed 838 costume was the best one :ok:
F4 2005 were pretty good! :ok:

F4 2015 suck :dislike:
From the older films, the 2007/2005 costumes were the best. I know they aren't loved by many but I liked of the Fantastic 4, the Silver Surfer, Fantasticar and Dr. Doom in those two films. Even now, they still look good, modern and slick.

I like the lighter shade of blue being used in the artwork. Its different enough from the previous films and yet it still very much the Fantastic 4 from the comics.
The 838 design with less of panel things and more white accents would probably nail it for me.
The one shown in the artwork (worn by the couple), looks like a sweater. I'm hoping there's a different outfit when they are in a fight scene.
I’m assuming the artwork is supposed to alluding to that Lost in Space leisure look so that may be what they were most of the time.

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