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Mar 7, 2005
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The Flash must handle an onslaught of super-villains during the opening of a museum in his honor.

Flash and Substance is basically a Flash tribute episode. Maybe Timm and the guys did this once they heard news of the Flash DVD set. This isn't just about a tribute of The Flash and his museum, but a tribute to his villians as they get the DCAU treatment.

Mirrormaster, Trickster (voiced by former live action Trickster Mark Hamill), Captain Boomerang, and Captain Cold are appear as washed out old men who have been beaten by Flash numberous times. Seeing them together must be good for any fan of the Scarlet Speeder.

While Batman and Orion (who one understands and the other doesn't understand why Flash is who he is) appear as well, The Flash is focused character. The Flash Museum is an example of something personal to him. Not only that, a cameo of the Golden Age Flash's helmet is in the museum and Linda Park-West, Wally West's wife in the comics, appears in this episode. (Is it me or was that Cheif Scientist Barry Allen?)

Overall, this was a nice stand alone episode of JLU. A Flash episode is a nice addition to the DCAU.

Rating: 8/10
I think one of my favorite parts was when Mirror Master and the crew were at the diner:

"We're the toughest guys here...."

Waitress: "Order?"

"Soy Latte, Cherry Cola, some other weak sounding drink"

Captain Cold :"Milk. What? My ulcer has been acting up"

And yeah I butchered the lines because my memory sucks.

Still I found this to be a great character study on Flash himself and the different type of heroes that exist in DCAU. ESPECIALLY when compared to Batman's method of doing things.
Pure awsomeness.
How can these guys get everything right? They showed a happy, sunny city, well Flash paints the house of anybody who asks him to, and it wasn't corny or lame. And the way Wally dealt with the Trickster.
I love this show.
It was on in England which is dumb!!!!
Here are some pics for ya


I wasn't all impressed with this episode. But the Flash was good in it.
It was a great episode, if only the rip could've been better...
Mono sound, ugh...

I loved the fact that Hamill reprised his role as Trickster. :)
I Liked this episode alot. Cant wait to see it on Air here in America so i dont have to watch it on the small screen (My computer).
I loved this episode. Why? Because I love that Flash is portrayed as a genuinely nice guy, if a bit dense. Wally knows cab drivers by name. He paints people's houses. He stops for a minute and talks to some fishermen. He pats a kid on the head. And all this after repeatedly helping save the whole frickin' world. Don't you just wanna buy the guy a beer and give him a thumbs up?

And my favorite line:

"The hard part is getting the costume back into it (the ring)."

But why would Batman like Wally so much???
maybe wallys what batman/ bruce wishes HE could be
was this on last night? I thought JLU wasn't going to be on in January.
Hush said:
It was on in England which is dumb!!!!
Oh boo hoo, isn't this the first time we've got an episode before you. You got 82 out of 84 episodes before us. Get over it.
Honestly, who cares about who gets it? I just download it since CN is awful at scheduling.
Same here. I dont know about you guys, but for me, this was easily the single best episode this season. At first I was bothered that they picked Orion, but he works surprisingly well in this ep. That scene with Trickster was amazing. I really want to make it my sig, but it'll spoil it for everyone else. I love the way Flash was portrayed in this ep too. But some of the best parts were the little things. Like his mentor/boss may or may not be Barry. Jay's Hermes hat in the museum. The nod to his first DCAU apperance with the Superman globe. The old Flash ring. I loved every bit of this episode. Especially how Batman subtly says how he wishes he could be more like Wally.
Dark Carnage said:
Oh boo hoo, isn't this the first time we've got an episode before you. You got 82 out of 84 episodes before us. Get over it.

I know that was a moment of anger. Sorry. Honestly though an AMERICAN cartoon is airing some place other than America first. I just think that is kinda bogus. I have nothing against brits but i just wish Cartoon Network wasnt run by wierdos.

By the way kickass avvy.
I finally saw it. It was a good Flash episode that gave him some Justice. It was nice to see his enemies for once. Nice Batman moments aswell.
If someone could tell me some good torents where I can get this, I would enternally be gratefull. :)
I downloaded this episode to watch it, and it was great. It was good to see some of the Flash's other villains besides Grodd. I liked when the Flash interrigated the Trickster at the bar. Overall, great epsiode, just sucks there was no Legion development.
stop asking when it aired it only aired in england not in the USA!
deathshead2 said:
stop asking when it aired it only aired in england not in the USA!

I wanted to know!! What's your problem?? :confused:

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