Ghost Rider 2, how would you promote it?


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May 11, 2005
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I would start with a mostly all black cover but then like the 90's GR #15 comic it glows in the dark but there a space next to him that not filled out just a similar, but oddly different siluette. And then later its filled in and it reveals a skull on fire like GR's only with a bow ontop and then the subtitle Ghost Rider 2: Old Flames and its his ex-girlfriend Eva Mendes. Together they stop the USA from releasing nukes on the world. It would be more political.
I would promote it based on the fact that it would have an entirely new creative team behind it ie. new director, new script writer, new producer, new cast, new EVERYTHING

I say that b/c a lot of ppl were crying foul when they heard MSJ was directing it and that Nic Cage had the main role.

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