Have you/do you smoke marijuana?

Gamma Ray

Aug 16, 2004
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Is this thread going to lead me into having my door kicked down by a swat team?
If this thread stays open, how people vote in the poll will be very interesting.
I can say I never have, though, I wouldn't mind trying it...eh, drugs are bad.
Back when I was in high school. I haven't smoked since then
LOL, I'm just kidding around. I don't care. I actually respect those who are answering honestly.
I did it here and there back in the day ... which was like yesterday .... j/k .. used to do it at parties , now i can't no more . they should just legalize it and let that be the end of it.
i have smoked pot and i did inhale.
I have to admit I like this thread a lot...rather interesting o.o
I wonder what would happen if a mod said yes...
when you're in your way to being president you can afford to waste money.
I wonder what would happen if a mod said yes...

The moderators are just ordinary people. It would be foolish for someone to think that it's any less acceptable for them to smoke/have smoked marijuana. :huh:
hell dew k mosi is i smoke weed backwards spelt badly. altho aparently it was something a friend of hers wrote.
yeah i do, although i wouldn't say regularly...id say quite often :p

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