If Matthew Vaughn directed X3, would it be better film?

Discussion in 'X-Men 1, 2 & 3' started by psylockolussus, May 31, 2011.

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    It was certainly one of the problems. It was uninspired and dull as ****. The danger room battle looked crap, the final battle looked crap, the inexplicable day to night teleportation was stupid, the performances were bland. It looked cheap and sound stagey.

    If Vaughn worked with the same terrible script, he at least would've made a visual spectacle out of it.
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    Say what you like about Vaughn but he hasn't directed a bad movie, at least not in terms of critic reception, secret service may be the one that was the least well recieved at 74% on RT while Ratners highest rating on RT is 69% with red dragon

    I'd say this about Vaughn, similar to singer he doesn't play it safe when it comes to his vision so there is a possibility some of his decisions wouldn't have been liked but overall I think the movie would have been directed so much better with Vaughn
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