The Dark Knight If there were a script leak, would you read it?


Sep 29, 2004
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Let's assume the script were leaked, like the case with Batman Begins.

Would you read it, or save most of the surprise?
I read the Batman Begins script and even though it didn't make me enjoy/like the movie less, I wouldn't read TDK's script.
Hell Yes I'd read it ;) :up:
Yes, I would read it straight away.
I'd want to say I'd be strong enough not to... but then I'd be a liar.
I'd read it . . . I would.
Tough one here...

I'd really want to. I'd get my hands on it ASAP, then read what others have to say about it. If it's good, I'd memorize every ****ing word. If not, I'd put it away and save judgement for the 18th.
damn right I'd read it just to see if they kill Rachael Dawes.
I would definately watch it. I did it with Begins and it didn't ruin my movie experience. I actually looked out to the movie!
I'd probabaly promise myself I'd not, then give in eventually. Reading words doesn't spoil seeing how it'll look in the cinema
i would not be able to help myself. At first I would say no, but like a crack addict I would cave in.
I'd keep it unread till i watched the film then watch it afterwards to see the changes or the original vision
I wouldn't read it. I know too much as it is. Not that i'm complaining.
I'd read it because it would give context to the spoilers. If i didn't someone else would read it and post spoilers and it would bug me not knowing how it fits in to the story. Plus there would be a thrill in getting to read it before seeing the film.
Ideally, no.

But realistically, HELL YES.
No, I already know alot about the plot but I want the dialouge/imagery to be a surprise.

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