The Dark Knight Rises IMAX TDKR Thread - Part 1

Anybody looking for a ticket for the MN Zoo Imax @ midnight? My date fell through and i got an extra one :(
Any reviews from members here on the IMAX screenings? I am going Friday night to see it in IMAX. Any bigger lines for IMAX showings?
That was just the best thing ever and the most fun i've ever had, right in front of seeing DHP2. :up:
My friend and I were a little disappointed at first when we got to the theater and didn't get the bane posters as promised.

Only to walk out of the theater after the film on a TDKR high and see all the posters laid for us right outside the exit. Like the desert after a good meal.
Just got back from the IMAX show in Reading, and it was phenomenal.
Anyone else there tonight?
My friend and I were a little disappointed at first when we got to the theater and didn't get the bane posters as promised.

Only to walk out of the theater after the film on a TDKR high and see all the posters laid for us right outside the exit. Like the desert after a good meal.

That's cool that they did it that way. I went to the AMC trilogy screening and we got all the goodies (two posters, 1 lanyard, 1 decal) before the movie started. We had to keep the posters nice through three movies!
Yeah it was good they did it that way. Avoid the hassle of where to keep the posters while you're watching the film.

Also the theater probably assumed less potential clean up for them if they gave them out after and outside the theatre area.
I would rather get my goodies at the end instead of the beginning. That's alot to hold on to for hours and hours.

Any other IMAX reviews/experiences?
Liked The Dark Knight better but just by a little. The Dark Knight Rises was still brilliant, left out a lot of stuff that I had seen on set but was still pretty good. Wished some dynamics and story points could have been elaborated more or given more time and emotional investment, but overall excellent movie! And my cameos in Pittsburgh and Wall Street made it, as brief as it was!!






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For those of you who have seen the film in would you rate your experience? I was honestly a little underwhelmed with some of the imax stuff of this film...i had a much more epic experience with MI4
The IMAX shots themselves were BEAUTIFUL, the problem for me was that it kept cutting back and forth between them and the regular footage, which took me out of the experience a bit.
darkjedi4z - You got all those freebies at the movie? Dang, that's a lot of posters. I'm jealous. :csad:
I drove 300 miles to see this movie in a real IMAX up in Chicago. It was worth every gallon (plus I was planning on taking a trip to chicago this summer anyways).

The set up of the IMAX was amazing with the seats situated actually closer to the middle of screen, with the screen reaching below the level of tan he front row all the way to the sealing. It completely filled my field of vision. During the prologue when it showed an external shot of the airplane it looked like I was actually there, right outside the plane, seeing it in 1:1 scale. It was completely exhilarating.
After lurking here for over a year in hopes of trying to keep up with a now non-existent viral campaign, my anticipation for this movie was still greater than any movie as far back as i can remember. June 11th arrives, I get a group together to get tickets for the show at the SpaceDome Imax here in Huntsville, AL...and i gotta say, on top of the movie being incredible, it really was the most enjoyable movie going experience I've ever had.

Our group of 7 arrived about a half hour before midnight ($14 pre-sale tickets in hand) and were greeted by a personal escort in the lobby of the Space Center. We were fitted with black wrist bands and were led to concessions to receive our individual tubs of popcorn and large drinks. We were then led into the elevator and went up to where they had what they called their VIP seating (section of seats behind the projector, center screen).

Movie starts, ****-eating grin plastered on my face while being surrounded on all sides by a giant screen finally being able to watch Bane break the Bat made the wait for this movie totally worth it. Got a couple Bane posters upon exit. Long-winded story, and it may not sound like much, but not having to wait in line hours beforehand + the hospitality of the theater and the overall excitement in the air is a moment I'll remember.
Saw it on the largest screen in the world (Sydney IMAX). Absoulutely immense and mind-blowing.
So watching it in a DOME was alot better??

I wouldnt necessarily say better, but I really loved the sense of scale and seeing nothing in my peripheral but screen. It's not for everyone
Finally going to see it in real Imax! Could only get tickets to one of the LieMAX's for the midnite showing. My credit card movie points are definitively going to good use with this film.
The overhead shots of Gotham getting blown up were jawdropping in real IMAX. Absolutely stunning.
Yeah I've heard. I saw TDK in true Imax and that's still one of if not my best movie viewing experience i left the theater stunned.

Which is why I had to see this in real Imax the LieMax was better than regular theatre but not nearly the same feel.
The way I see it, regular theaters is akin to DVD, lieMax is akin to watching the dark knight bluray which wasnt the full IMAX frame, and true IMAX is the one of a kind experience.
Just a word of advice. Don't sit in the very front row of an IMAX theater. I mistakenly ordered tickets dead center in the very front row, instead of the very back row like I had thought. It was my fault, but the assigned seating chart I ordered it off of was a bit confusing. Anyhow, it very very difficult to catch the action sequences, and the entire screen didn't fit within my peripherals. Plus you had to practically lay back in the seat just to see anything.

Don't let this scare you off though as IMAX is still the best format to watch a film in. Just get middle to the back rows and you're good. I watched TDK in IMAX in the back row and it was the best movie experience ever. I plan on going back and watching TDKR again in IMAX from the back. :word:
Oh yeah i know. I've been to several Imax films before. I was pretty close to the screen for the avengers like 3rd row and that combined with the 3d effect was a little too much. I ended up enjoying the film better when i saw it in a reg. theater. So that must have been pretty rough for you though.

My reserved seats for the Imax are among the back rows and to the left.

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