Yeah I just saw this. They're saying it starts with the FCBD issue in May and I hope that's just an advanced look. If it starts in May then there'd be no gab between Ultron's event and this one and that'd be annoying.

Character list looks interesting though. It seems to be branching from both the Cosmic side of things and Hickman's Avengers.
According to Bleeding Cool, the set-up could begin in tomorrow's New Avengers issue. Also, I'm glad to see Ex Nihilo is up there. I thought he might have been a throw away character after the first three issue of Avengers. How little faith I have in Hickman.
I wonder If consequences of the apparent death/destruction of Ultron war Don't get fixed by the end of that and this (Infinity gems) is the vehicle to restore the status quo?

Anyway Hickman's all I need to know to feel good...

BTW only thing that gets me is no SS on that cover
Yeah I can't imagine Age of Ultron not tying into this somehow since they take place back-to-back. Speaking of which, Marvel needs to take crossover "break" next year. They're pretty crossover happy right now.
Cant wait for this, I am currently in the middle of The Thanos Imperitive and then have both TPB's of Annihilators to read, so this will be a great follow-up.

Although as someone else pointed out the lack of the Surfer on that cover troubles me.
The lack of Surfer overall in the Marvel Universe troubles me...PERIOD. His last mini a few years ago by Pak was very good, so were the Mighty Thor issues.
^Yeah I read The Mighty Thor issue were he and Galactus take on Asgard, and I am about to read both TPB's of Annihilators, but other than that I havent seen much of him.

He is vastly under-used in my eyes.
Annihilators was decent (and Surfer's only in the first mini) but the Silver Surfer mini by Greg Pak really was fantastic. I recommend that one for a good, recent Surfer story.

I haven't read the Mighty Thor arc yet but one day I will.
I don't know the deal with surfer...maybe its strategic as they want to get the property back for movie purposes.

I do feel Joe Q kinda has him earmarked as 1 dimensional character ..I'd bet a very nuanced pitch needs to be made to use him..that and they feel he was overdone in the 90s...
Yeah Surfer was really pimped out back in the day from what I understand...and that's validated from the of the 90s comics I've...Surfer is in A LOT of them and is involved with pretty much everything cosmic, not to mention he had a TV show back then too. It doesn't help that Fox's crappy movie also cast a negative light on him afterwards. They're probably going to wait until after GotG is released to even begin thinking of bringing him back to prominence.

Speaking of that, I also miss Warlock. I expect them to bring him back in the new GotG title though.
I'll have to check out Pak's mini. Surfer's Annihilation mini by Giffen was the best of the lead-in miniseries. Before that, man he was just so inactive, ineffective, and miserable a character.

That cover looks familiar... The chards collage is always a clutch choice for a Big Event cover.





I haven't been keeping up with much since Annihilation Conquest. I didn't really like that event and then the Inhumans stuff came and I didn't pick that up. What do you guys recommend for me to read before this event? Anyone willing to break down a reading list for me, I'd be super appreciative.
I'll have to check out Pak's mini. Surfer's Annihilation mini by Giffen was the best of the lead-in miniseries. Before that, man he was just so inactive, ineffective, and miserable a character.

I thought it was second best behind Nova's. It was leaps and jumps better than Super Skrull's and Ronan's. I found both a bit underwhelming, especially Ronan's.
I thought it was second best behind Nova's. It was leaps and jumps better than Super Skrull's and Ronan's. I found both a bit underwhelming, especially Ronan's.

It's kind of making want to go back and reread it all. I can't remember too many specifics about any of the lead-ins. Surfer's and Nova's seemed to have the most to do with the main plots of Annihilation and benefited as a result. As I recall, that was kind of Nova/Quasar team up. Super Skrull had some real moments that made it worthwhile. The reflective nature of the mini was nice without being sentimental.

100% agreed about Ronan. I remember that being a chore to read. Looking back, I could have easily just not read it.
The Ronan one was different ..very heavy metal ish..I enjoyed it...although it was probably the weakest of all those minis..still was probably better than most the conquest minis.
Alonso basically confirmed that Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock will have bigger roles down the road in this interview.

I'm guessing after the new Guardians and Nova titles are settled in they'll start bringing them back.
I'm cool with Surfer but Adam Warlock has just done nothing for me over the years. I didn't like him in the 90s and I thought he was the most boring character in DnA's run and I was glad when he turned into the Magus and died. He's about the only character on the team that I DIDN'T want to see back.

I'd really like to see some one use the Eternals of Titan in a more prominent role

Would not mind seeing Nebula return as a threat..she was a cool villain, and basically a waste in Ronan's mini.
Regardless of what the event is about, I'm getting really sick of not being able to go 8 issues of a title without an event tie-in. Marvel needs to understand that people don't love events - they're forced to buy them as their consequences are often necessary for continued understanding of the universe and continuity. I'm actually interested in Thanos and I've loved Ultron since Unlimited. But can we please, for the love of God, go a year without an event?

/Rant over. I'll still probably be picking this series up. I'm part of the problem. ::csad:
Well, it depends on what book you're reading whether the event will matter or not. Obviously the Avengers are books are going to be involved with events because they're supposed to the front line for disastrous events. For instance, other than Spider Island, an event hasn't been shoehorned into Spider-Man since Civil War. Hawkeye's title was forced to cross with AvX. Neither was Captain Marvel's. I think you guys are upset at Avengers/X-Men books being involved in crossover events, but that's what they're for, large events.
I have no problem with Tie-Ins showing the impact of the event or being set within the event...but the important event stories should all be contained within the main event series.
Like I said, I don't agree with that for Avengers titles because their purpose is to react to big events. That said, you're right as far as individual character series go, and on that front Marvel for the most part doesn't force them to tie-in.

For this event as far I can tell the only titles that will tie-in to it will be the three main Avengers books (Avengers, New Avengers, and Uncanny Avengers), Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos Rising, and maybe Nova and Iron Man. That makes only 2 on-going character books that will tie-in, with both of them being involved with space already, and a limited series that's probably being made specifically to tie-in with the event. The only book you could really make an argument for not being involved is Uncanny Avengers, but I'm sure they will be involved with both X-Men and Avengers events going forward.
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I dont' even understand what Marvel has to benefit by teasing infinity this soon..

While it may generate some additional interest in Thanos may also hurt Ultron War when people feel another all important event is so close on it's heels.

Marvel is doing good with a solid chronicle of the gems right now in NA..they should trust that to generate the interest at this point
Yeah I don't understand why they teased it this early either. My only guess is that they really view AU as more of a limited series than a big event, which sales will probably reflect. I imagine this Infinity event will be wayyy more hyped up than AU.

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