Iron Man 3, Man of Steel or Star Trek: Into Darkness Thread


Feb 24, 2013
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Well here's a little debate for you all. It's simply just movies. What movie would you watch.... Iron Man 3, Star Trek or Man of Steel. The choice is yours, let's get this thread going.
Man of Steel. So psyched for this movie, and I am the farthest thing from a Superman fan. But just to let you know, this type of thread kinda already exists somewhere (something like: "Which movie in 2013 are you most excited about?")
Well this is a new thread for like Action Films for 2013. Well this is what it is. Its for the hyped movies this year
I actually haven't heard of that. What's it about? (I could look it up, but for the sake of conversation...)
Iron Steel into darkness

I'm already hyped for the sequel (also coming out this year):

Iron Steel: Only Gravity Forgives The Place Beyond The Darkness in Pacific Elysium of Smaug.
Iron Man of Steel into Darkness

Why's it always gotta be a competition here? I want all three of these bastards... well, Iron Man moderately less than the other two, but it still looks pretty awesome, so. :o

Honestly don't give a **** about the others.
As far as which movie will make bank at the box office:

-After the last couple of awesome trailers and spots for Star Trek: Into Darkness, which kind of caught most people by surprise, people are already pretty hyped about that.

-Iron Man 3 is pretty much a no-brainer. It's being released after the amazing success of The Avengers. Combine that with the talent involved and the promotional campaign gearing up with the release of the final poster and a final theatrical trailer being released next week, and the hype is at an all-time high.

-Word of mouth from people at early screenings of the film say that Man of Steel is a very solid and entertaining movie, and the final trailer is supposed to be very action-oriented. I think this is going to take the general audience by surprise.

Honestly, at this point, it's a pretty tough call to make.
Well, MoS is the one for me. With STID a close second. Imma think about watching IM3 at the theatre.
Well here's a little debate for you all. It's simply just movies. What movie would you watch.... Iron Man 3, Star Trek or Man of Steel. The choice is yours, let's get this thread going.

I would watch all of them.
Superman is my favorite superhero and everything so far surrounding Man of Steel has got me excited. So, MoS it is.
Man of Steel, Star Trek, Iron Man 3. In that order...

Although there is a small chance, that if MoS is as awesome as I hope, I may die before seeing the latter two...
Man of Steel. That's the big one. My favourite character of all time in a movie that looks and sounds - so far - really exceptional. The wait is killing me.

Star Trek Into Darkness. A lot of what I've seen or heard have me fairly indifferent to be honest. The Dark Knight is my favourite movie, but I'm sick of other filmmakers talking about it and using it as 'inspiration'. But I'll definitely see it, I'm a Trek fan and I enjoyed the first one.

Iron Man 3 is running in third place. The new poster and the trailer were very cool, but that second movie...even with The Avengers in the bank, that second movies badness is hard to get past. But it looks really good so far, and if the (non-spolier) reviews say it's really good, then yeah. I'm sure I'll see it.

A part from that (Maybe The Wolverine, if the review are SPECTACULAR) I don't think there's anything else for me this year.
Sadly we never got a trailer for The Wolverine. Even though the movie is this year. Nor did we get a trailer for The Hobbit Part 2. But Im hoping a trailer will be made
MAN OF STEEL... I'm bias though, orphaned so everything shown has this as my favorite movie of the year already.

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