Just say no to D.J. Cotrona!


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Feb 28, 2002
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Seriously, do we want a Superman (or any other Justice Leaguer) who's shorter than Luke Perry?


(FYI Perry's listed as 5'9.5" on IMDB)
i would prefer him not in the film at all. But as of right now we dont have to worry about anyone from the rumored cast since the film is delayed and if picked up again soon or later most or all of the rumored cast could be replaced. But i would be fine if common, and brody are still in the film if they can pick it up again soon in the next few months.
I don't really give a damn. :huh:

Though he looks a lot more like Bruce.
why are people complaing about DJ when Armie is more of a weird casting?
I don't think Armie was a weird casting. He definitely had the voice and presence of batman. At least from what I saw of him.
Why is there hate on DJ when there are worse cast members?

I still don't believe he was set to be Superman if Hammer was set to be Batman. I really don't think WB is that stupid, and I didn't think Miller was until I saw his full cast.

Also :down that the poll is private
Yeah Majik, I was trying to imply that there's worst castings than DJ.
There are poor choices, and good choices. I don't see the point in distinguishing between the various poor choices. I want to say "no" to everyone except Common.
even if he isnt good, hes probably one of the better choices. C'mon, they've mentioned Jay whatshisface for Max Lord, and we got an anti-DJ Cotrona in JLA thread?
i'm telling you... he's a malnourished actor suffering from Montezuma's revenge on a permanent basis...
Weren't you the one who said he looked like he had Aids?
yes which i apologized for already... there's absolutely nothing wrong with saying someone looks like they have major Montezuma's revenge given all the comments made on people in the Celebrity section... lighten up..
I'm sure there's nothing wrong with it, but it doesn't make you look any less like an idiot.
like i said, i apologized for my earlier comment as I realize that wasn't in good humor at all... so there's absolutely no need for pathetic stupid personal insults, it's obvious enough that A) you can't lighten up B) it seems all you're good at is giving personal insults... yah you really have made your point now, by insulting me... what am i going to do??? *shudder* lol... really... just lighten up lol.
It doesnt matter now anyways.*IF* J.L. ever sees the light of day again, it will prolly be with a new cast and director IMHO.
yea hopefully get rid of most of the people if the film can/does picks up again in a few months but i say keep common and brody they where the only names i was fine with.
D.J. Cotrona isn't the most laughable casting choice on this project, but he's notable because of the importance of his character. There is just NO way this 5'9, shady-looking guy should be playing an iconic, upright hero.
I never saw where they officially said his part was for Superman anyways.
Who cares about DJ Cotrona when Jay Baruchel is supposed to be Max Lord????
well do we really know if he was trully up for max lord or if he really was just going to be a lacky.
The latter, I hope. Him playing Max Lord has been the most nonsensical JL rumor, for me.
yea i know, i really think he was to be a lacky too just look at all his past work he would work as a lacky more, but who knows if we will know for sure at all.
The threat title should be "JUST SAY NO TO JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE!" It would've make a lot of sense. That project is still garbage and piece of crap.

Read this, Warner Bros and take my word. **** YOU.

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