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Karas: Revelations


Medianoche de Sol
Mar 13, 2006
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Link to trailer for Part 1 (PROPHECY):

Link to trailer for Part 2 (REVELATIONS):

Bought it, saw it, loved it.

What did you guys think? Was this a fitting end for Karas? If you like long and drawn out loose plots of Japanese Anime, this is right up your alley. Since I can take time to appreciate the subtleties, I really appreciate this movie more.

I absolutely loved the buckets of bloody action, the mythology, everything about this. So many cult movie inspirations were in this film:

1. Matrix
2. Batman
3. Crow
4. Godzilla
5. Ghost Rider (the chains!)

Loved it.
I couldn't sit throguhthe first one. It was painful to watch it was so bad. So nope i've never seen the new one.
The second one was a lot better. The first one was nigh incomprehensible, and rather incoherent. It's true, it was really hard to sit through the first one, it was like a bad Matrix sequel. Second worked a lot more, and unfortunately they couldn't make the first half as good as the second.

Here's my review of volume 2


You can actually buy Prophecy and Revelation together now.

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