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King of the Hill


There's an invisible man
Jan 5, 2006
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Okay enough screwing around I've made my mind up on how I want to do this. Similar to Sparta*'s Marvel & DC Comic Tournaments but not the same. I am going to do my best to start off with the weakest opponest from any comic book universe, Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, Vertigo, Valliant, Malibu and so on.

Here is how it will work. Two characters will be matched up against each other to do battle. Say Blue Beetle and Gang Buster. People vote, hopefully with a small explanation of who would win, or if not just a vote is fine. The winner of the battle will move on as King Of The Hill. A new challenger will be chosen by myself (or suggested, the more the better) that is very close or similair in power to the current reigning KOTH.

If the challenger wins he or she will take the place as KOTH and a new challenger will arise and so on. My goal is to see who can log the most wins, of course this can be tampered with, I can place Thor against low level characters for 20 rounds and have him not lose. But I will do my best to pit character against each other that are close to the same level and only with small escalations in powers. I may need help picking characters that will be best suited to challenge the KOTH.

A win is determined by

1. Knocking your oppent unconcious.
2. Killing them
3. Removing them from the battle field so they can not return in a relatively short matter of time. (30 mins)
4. Rendering their opponet incapable of fighting any longer (restraints of some sort or breaking vital bones)
5. The opponet gives up

I will do my best to provide charater bio's.
First Battle

Blue Beetle



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