Kingdom of Heaven vs Troy: which sent you to sleep quicker?

I liked both films. Troy is still one of my favorite films.
Never saw Kingdom of Heaven. Troy I thought was pretty good. Bloom kind of dragged it down, part of the reason I haven't seen Kingdom of Heaven.
kingdom of heaven sucked so hard no matter what excuse Ridley Scott uses
BeserkerHilf said:
kingdom of heaven sucked so hard no matter what excuse Ridley Scott uses

I'm a huge Scott fan, I love knights and I love the cast, but it took me four tries to watch the movie in it's entirety. It's just. So. Boring.
I hated both. Although Troy put me to sleep faster.
I heard the directors cut of Kingdom was 100 times better.
I thought Troy was good. Kingdom of Heaven was boring to me although it was a gorgeous film.
I've only seen Troy. It was decent, but could have easily been an hour shorter.
I thought Troy was far better then Kingdom of Heaven, which is really dissapointing considering the great cast it had....aside from Bloom. :o Really though, the best part of Troy is Eric Bana and in my opinion, he's the only reason to watch it.
Troy was a hell of alot better, I still haven't watched Kingdom of heaven all the way through despite going to watch it at the cinema albeit a late night showing, at least Troy had the Achillies Hector fight with a little bit of Yorshires finest (Sean Bean)
I've never seen Kingdom Of Heaven, but I thought Troy was dreadful. It had potential, but it's too long, too over the top and Pitt and Bloom were unwatchable. I didn't see the whole thing BTW. I saw about half. I watched it in school one day.
Kingdom of Heaven, DEFINITELY. it managed to not only be unbearably boring, but they managed to make Ed Norton not cool.

Troy did have its good moments. Bana was pretty damn cool as Hector and Bloom's part was a lot smaller than in KoH. that alone makes it better.
Troy was just soo bad....They mixed up so much of the original story that could possibly be intresting. And the music....made my ears bleed...
I liked Troy, never saw Kingdom of neither.
Neither put me to sleep, but Kingdom of Heaven was definitely the slower paced of the two.
Troy was good, but Kingdom of Heaven just falt out sucked.
It seems as though I'm the only one who liked Kingdom of Heaven. :confused: Meh. I kinda liked Troy more. But neither really put me to sleep.
As flawed as Troy was, I think Kingdom of Heaven was the weaker of the two.
Kindom of Heaven bored me more than Troy. But I like Kingdom of heaven better.
I didn't fall asleep watching either, but they both lost my interest pretty quickly and I started playing a computer game within the first hour of watching them.
Kingdom of Heaven is my most disappointing movie ever.
I was so psyched up for it only to get an inferior regurgitation of every other ancient epic in recent memory.

Troy has some pretty significant flaws, but it's still entertaining, moving, and has some great characters.
I enjoyed troy, despite orlando bloom. kingdom of heaven just looked dreary to me, even in its trailers

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