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Transformers and DCEU also seem to get great box office.Nutrek films get great reviews despite how trekkers feel about them.

Their approach long ago wore thin with me.SPider-man is my favorate comic book properity after X-Men but after civil war and trailers i have no intrest In Homecoming.

I feel even more stongly about stark than some people do about wolverine.

AT this moment my main intrest in this film is as likely swan song for both jackman and stewart.it's clear now after apocalypse and deadpool with now we know with comic books about X-Mens in Logan the films are turning X-Men into celebrated heroes which is terrable idea.and defeats entire purpose
of X-Men.

People are not expecting these big cross overs that Marvel seems to have cornered the market on. At least not any more.

But at the same time how hard is it to have your characters work with their previous appearances?

No one told them that the big climax of The Wolverine meant that he won't have his adamantium claws? No one told them Caliban will be one of the characters?
It's not about everything being a shared universe so much as it is about having a sequel that lines up with what the previous movies have established. If they came out and said this is a stand alone adventure that's not a follow up to the existing x-men films that would be fine but they haven't.
Let's imagine Logan doesn't line up with previous films. What does it change?
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