Logan Logan - news & discussion - Part 5


I mean I actually like a good use of post-credits. But I see his point about them often being used to advertise upcoming movies or "products," which makes the film people just watched secondary. Still, seems a wee bit harsh.
LOL Didn't he shoot the post credits for The Wolverine where Xavier just zooms right by people at the airport? I swear all I can think of when this happens is Xavier screaming "wheeeeeeeeeee!"
Against his will, I’m certain. For whatever reason I thought Kinberg shot that.

Either way, I totally understand his little rant, as much as I enjoy some post credit scenes they *are* a ridiculous aspect of these big movies.
Plus, that was at least mid-credits, but yes. He's not wrong, though. Heck, Patty Jenkins said also, as far as Wonder Woman was concerned, that she wasn't a fan of them either. Granted, she said it in much kinder words than Mangold: "I’m not always a believer in post-credit scenes. I feel like they make sense if the films are extremely similar."

From here. http://torontosun.com/2017/09/18/wonder-woman-director-patty-jenkins-talks-films-surreal-success-post-credit-scenes-and-the-oscars/wcm/5156bc64-f456-43b0-bb9c-769f49b6c450

Though the MCU and X-Men films respectively do tend to be very similar, though with X-Men the series hasn't been consistent with teases. There was the one with Last Stand, and not until the mid-credits sting of The Wolverine that set up Days of Future Past did we start consistently getting teases to the next films. Save for Logan, which honestly didn't need one, even if we do end up getting a Laura film.
Logan just lost the one Academy Award it was nominated for. Still saddened that Hugh nor Patrick got nominated.
Not that it would've gotten it- much as I loved Logan- but it's still something just for the film's screenplay to get nominated. That's still noteworthy.
Glad she's getting work. Still wanna see the X23 solo movie in the near future.
Well, she's definitely still getting recognized for the role, which is great. Yesterday, got the Best Female Newcomer award at the Empire Awards.

Hugh Jackman won the Empire Award yesterday for Best Actor for his performance in Logan:

Glad someone already mentioned that Dafne won for Best Newcomer.
His love for Logan is amazing.

I really don't see a way of recasting this character.
I know it's still well liked, but I still feel Logan is very under appreciated. This deserves to be mentioned more as one of the best SH movies of all time. I feel like if it came out in 2009 it would be.
There's too much of "It's too grim" or "It's a good movie, but it's not a fun watch"

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