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Magneto & Morlocks base (SPOILERS)


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Nov 26, 2003
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In X1, Magneto operated from an island base in which he had hollowed out the rock with metal tunnels...

In X3, they have said in an interview that the base honours that.. and yet those who have allegedly seen the movie at press screenings say his base is just the woods. There is no actual lair, though I recall Brett saying that they added a trapdoor to a lair behind Magneto at one point.

Where are these woods? Near Alkali Lake? Near Alcatraz? I'm guessing there are no interior shots of a lair? How far from the woods to the GG Bridge - did they all just walk from the woods to the bridge?

Where is the church where the Morlocks meet? Why a church? Was this convenience. a location used previously for Nightcrawler? Seems slightly odd that mutant outcasts would gather in a centre of mainstream Christian religion, an edifice of normal society...I imagined they'd be in a giant underground chamber, if not in the sewer tunnels.

Wonder why they didn't reuse those metal tunnels from Magneto's lair in X1? That would have tied in well with the Morlocks....

Just a few thoughts rattling around my head aswe wait for X3!
Sorry guys this should be in the Spoilers section, I goofed!

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