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Marvel Comics Character Tournament!!!

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~Sword of Darkness~
Mar 17, 2005
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Hey everyone, I wanted to start a thread where we could have random match-ups, and then vote on who we think would win! The battles are going to be random, so anyone can fight anyone, but I guarantee they will be very good!! I need to make a banner at some point today, so the match ups will look a little bland for now...First match up coming up in a sec.....
Welcome to the Hype.

Just so you know, this has been done dozens of times before. But as long as you keep it in one thread, I doubt anyone will complain.
Yeah, I figured it was probably done before, but It's a cool idea, and I look forward to doing it again.


This is a tough one, as most of them will be.....I'm gonna have to go with the cap on this one though...Even though I think cyclops is a cooler character
After seeing what Cyke is capable of in the most recent AXM, I'm going with Cyke.
All-Star Superman said:
I want to see a handicap match Hyperion vs. Cap and CYCLOPS

Don't worry, I am going to have 2 on 1 matches, and group matches, etc etc.
Tough one but after a long fought battle I'll go with slim.
Okay just remember with Hyperion we are dealing with a Superman who is not a boy scout nor who is not afraid to kill to get his point across.
3-2 for Captain America so far...
I can't stand Cap always winning. Cyke's got my vote.

we need a tie breaking vote so we can move onto the next battle.......
Alright, Cyclops wins this battle! Next battle coming right up!
Surfer can knock Thor down with his boogie board

He's like... a god.

Surfer's only like ... a demi-god.

Close, not quite. Try again.

Yay, verily.
Silver Surfer would win. Thor's power, although great, is still not quite up there with Silver Surfer.
5-2 for the silver surfer so far...which honestly surprises me
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