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DC Comics Character Tournament

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Dec 18, 2005
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A DC equivalent of Sparta's Marvel thread! It's simple: I post a match (for example, Batgirl vs Mary Marvel), and y'all vote for who you think would win. There's no real point to it, but it's a fun discussion and debate. We'll start off with some fairly well-known characters, and eventually get more obscure. Feel free to PM me any suggestions/requests.
Here's the first match:


Wonder Woman VS Captain Marvel
I'd say Captain Marvel.

WW may be almost on Superman's level, but CM has shown himself to be Superman's equal in strength and speed, or at least incredibly close to being his equal. So, I give a slight edge to Marvel.
I vote Wonder Woman. After her murder of Lord and her brutal beating of Supes, I think she just has the edge against Cap.
I vote Captain Marvel, he is one of the most powerful on the DCU. And quite frankly, I hate WW.
If both characters are not holding back, I go with Wonder Woman. They are at similar power levels but she is a better trained warrior. If she is allowed the lasso, she also has a bigger advantage.
Its been said that the 3 biggest heros in DC are Superman,Batman and Wonder Woman.

Ill vote for WonderWoman.
I vote for Wonder Woman, simply because she's a more skilled and more experianced fighter.
Hey cool thread lol :up:

I'm going to say Captain Marvel
I thought these two fought before someplace?

Well, anyway, I'd go with Wonder Woman. While not as strong perhaps, she's defintely a better fighter, can use her Tiara and Lasso as weapons, and doesn't hold back. Heck, Captain Marvel is in reality what? 12, 13? One look at Diana and those budding teenage hormones of his might turn him a drooling lap dog :D.
Wonder Woman.

Like people said, she's been trained in ancient combat since birth. She has the mindset of a warrior and is willing to doing things other wouldn't in battle. Captain Marvel, for all his power, has the mindset of an idealistic teenager. While that may be a better and more endearing social quality, in battle against Wonder Woman it'd work against his favor.
Captain Marvel.

Stupidly close battle, but I just see Captain Marvels intelligence and spped being the biggest factor.
Wonder Woman also has the Wisdom of Athena to correlate to Marvel's Wisdom of Solomon. And they share the same speed source.
Captain Marvel
Wonder Woman thanks to her fighting skills.
Wonder Woman wins, with a final score of 11-8! Next match:


Flash VS Lobo!
I vote Flash. Lobo's tough and strong, but very slow. Flash is just too fast for him.
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