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no matter how depressed you are, just be glad your not this geeky

"It's not easy being different... you know... Canadian."

And is it just me or was Thor vaguely reminiscent of Napoleon Dynamite?
jaguarr said:
Who made their costumes? Fisher-Price? :confused: Not as lame as the kids running around playing "Dungeons & Dragons" where the one kid keeps yelling "Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!" LOL!

That video is why i don't go outside:o
I'm meeting everyone this Saturday in the Park to re-enact Transformers the Movie.
but you are all that geeky. you post on a superhero forum for gods sake.
That's hilarious. One question though, Is that suppose be Doom? He looks more like Kang to me.

Thor's Hammer rocked.

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